Borderlands 3 Ascension Bluff Challenges Guide – Collectibles Locations, Where to Find

This guide is here to help you locate all the Ascension Bluff Challenges that are spread across the entirety of Pandora in Borderlands 3.

This guide is here to help you locate all the Ascension Bluff Challenges that are spread across the entirety of Pandora in Borderlands 3. There are a total of 8 challenges to find but due to the large area, it can be quite an arduous task to locate them, hence why we’re here!

Ascension Bluff Challenges Locations

In this Ascension Bluff Challenges Locations Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding all the collectibles scattered around Pandora in BL3.

Crimson Radio
This little doohickey can be found a bit further from the Sanctuary. Before you head over to take out Mouthpiece in the Twin’s Church, search for a small, deserted camp. It can be found at the top of an incline.

The centerpiece of this camp is a tower, next to it are small buildings, downed vehicles, and other similar items meant to support the structure.

You must climb onto the roofs of these small buildings to climb higher and higher until you reach the highest platform. Go to the teal room and climb onto its roof; the Crimson Radio will be there.

Note: You can actually hear a radio broadcast in this camp, and once you get the radio, it’ll turn off.

Legendary Hunt
Head North-east of the Sanctuary, not too far out. You’re looking for a winged creature (a Skrakk).

On the map you’ll see a large black crater north-east of the Sanctuary; to its right, there are pathways – one that leads to an immediate dead-end, the other bifurcates further down.

On the bifurcated path, go to the left at the junction. Explore the area and the creature will reveal itself, kill it and you’ll have completed the challenge.

Typhon Log #1
This can be found relatively close to where you completed the Legendary Hunt challenge.

Exit the bifurcated passageway and turn right once you do; stay on the right side of the map until you come across a large structure resembling a silo – it’ll be white.

To the right of this structure, there will be a small platform overlooking the area below. There will be a single object on this platform – the exact object we’re searching for.

Hijack Target
From where you got the first Typhon Log, head further north, stay close to the right side of the map. This can be done while you’re attempting to get to the Twins’ Church.

The ground of this area will be white, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. What you’re looking for is a camp that’s been walled off.

Once you’re past the wall, you’ll be targeted by several enemies; take them down before proceeding. Once done, look for a yellow wire, follow it to the terminal; press the button.

Once this is done, get in the car that’ll be out in the open. Exit the camp and you’ll see a Catch-a-Ride platform. Get the vehicle scanned.

Typhon Log #2
Just like the previous two challenges, you keep going forward from the previous challenge, remaining on the right side. Along this path, you’ll see a billboard that says “Today – Ben of the Vault – Join”.

This’ll be next to the Cliffside that’s overlooking the Gulch. To the right of this billboard look for the same station, you did when you were searching for the 1st Activate it to complete this challenge.

Typhon Log #3
This one can be pretty easy to miss. The final log can be found just before the entrance to the Church. You’ll find yourself in some sort of a quarry, there will be a small lake, to the side of which there will be an elevated metal platform.

Get on top of the platform and you’ll find the station there.

Typhon Dead Drop
This can be found just before you’re about to enter the Church. You’ll know you’re about to when you see a giant sign that reads: Holy Broadcast Center.

Don’t enter it, instead go to the left towards some shipping containers that are stacked behind two poles.

A lone, green shipping container at the end of the pile, climb on top of it and enter through the hatch on the roof, the item can be found inside.

Dead Claptrap
This is close towards the end of the zone, past the entrance of the Church. Look for a giant billboard on the left side that reads: Holy Broadcast – Mouthpiece.

To the right of this billboard, there will be a green shipping container next to a light pole. Climb the container and face the pole, you’ll find a dead Claptrap hanging from it.

Those are all the 8 Ascension Bluff Challenge Locations in BL3.

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