Borderlands 3 Blackbarrel Cellars Challenges Guide – Collectible Locations, Where to Find

Check out our Blackbarrel Cellars challenges guide before entering the Eden-6 Vault in Borderlands 3 to get some easy experience points.

The little things that we live for are watching the sunrise after a whole night of gaming or getting that sweet extra XP and zone progress by doing challenges in Borderlands 3. In this Borderlands 3 guide we are going to be targeting Blackbarrel Cellars challenges which are located before the entrance of the vault on Eden-6.

Borderlands 3 Blackbarrel Cellars

They are present underneath Jakob’s Manor. Before entering the floating tomb, you can go there and complete the challenges there.

Dead Claptrap
The Dead Claptrap is in the premium Cask area around. In order to get it you head north after going inside the premium Cask area and go downstairs. The dead Claptrap is on the table with an Antenna Accessory.

Norton’s Study- Typhon Log #1:

With the south wall, you can find a typhon log in Norton’s Study area.

Forgotten Halls- Typhon Log #2

There is a bathroom on the north of the room when you enter the Forgotten Halls area and the Typhon Log is on the right side when you enter the bathroom.

Neglected Solatium- Typhon Log #3

When you get inside the Neglected Solarium, the walkway above has a Typhon Log. There is a ladder on the right of the walkway climb it and jump across to get this log.

Estate Gardens- Typhon Dead Drop

In the Estate Gardens area, there is a waterfall on the west side of the gardens. Slide under the waterfall to reach the Red Chest.

These are all the crew challenges located in the Blackbarrel Cellars area in Borderlands 3.

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