Borderlands 3 Pyre of Stars Crew Challenges Guide

This guide details all the challenges you need to complete in Pyre of the Stars area in Borderlands 3 in order to get some nice loot.

The Pyre of Stars is a small area and more restrictive area, with regards to exploration, in Borderlands 3 and due to that it has just two single crew challenges and they have been explained below.

Borderlands 3 Pyre of Stars Crew Challenges

This Borderlands guide lists the crew challenges that you would be able to play in the Pyre of Stars area as well as what loot you might be able to find.

Completing these crew challenges in BL3 earns you a decent amount of experience points as well as some nice loot so try to take the time to complete this small challenge.

To explore the Pyre of Stars in BL3, you have to follow Typhon who will travel around that area, but it takes a bit of time. The two Crew Challenges you are going to find in the Pyre of Stars are explained below

Dead Claptrap

Move to the point as shown in the map till you come across a rusty old Claptrap, flipped over, which you can salvage parts from and complete the challenge.

Legendary Hunt

When you reach the third gate, interact with the key. This would return you to the entrance area. However, before this, if you head south to the location as marked on the map above you would come across the Brood Mother boss.

Defeat her to complete the challenge and get some good loot.