Borderlands 3 Lectra City Crew Challenges Guide

Have a look at our Borderlands 3 Lectra City Challenges Guide to learn the location of all the collectibles in order to some quick XP.

This guide will help you locate all the crew challenges that can be found in Lectra City on Promethea in Borderlands 3. These challenges reward players with experience and even some enhancements for your vehicles, so they’re definitely worth scouting for. They can be a little difficult to locate, however, but that’s why we’re here.

Borderlands 3 Lectra City Challenges Locations

There are a total of 8 crew challenges in Lectra City in BL3, the guide below will show you exactly where they all are.

Crimson Radio
To the West of the map, right before you reach the dock, look for a small building with a radio tower on top. This isn’t a particularly distinct building, so keep your eyes peeled for the radio tower. Climb up onto this building.

To do this, you will need to climb the building across the street and jump over. Get to the radio tower and you’ll find the radio there. You can use the light post to make the jump easier.

Lectra City Crimson Radio
Dead Claptrap #1
Look at the map, you’ll spot a green symbol in the center of the map – that’s where you have to go! Take a flight of stairs down to the courtyard and head left and to the back. It’s in a dark corner that’s littered with trash, in front of a few boxes you’ll find the Claptrap.

This Claptrap is below the ground level near a subway entrance, so make sure that you will have to get below the ground by using the stairs. Simply getting to the shown location will not get you the Claptrap.

Lectra City Claptrap 1
Dead Claptrap #2
This one can be found near the docks, follow the marker on the map above and you’ll find the decrepit Claptrap on top of some crates.

Lectra City Dead Claptrap 2
Target of Opportunity
To complete this, you must go and eliminate Judge Hightower and his crew. This area is on the opposite end from Lectra City, follow the marker on the map to reach it.

Once there, get ready for a fight since Hightower and his gang are heavily armored and packing some serious firepower.

Lectra City Target of Opportunity
Typhon Log #1
Go to the docks, next to ‘Trudy the Toeless’, you’ll spot a few storage containers floating in the water, use them to reach the platform that has the station with the log. The log is on the crane and you will need to get on it once you make it across the poisonous water.

Lectra City Typhon Log 1
Typhon Log #2
Before heading to confront the boss, head to the bay (you’ll know you’re there when you see a giant ‘V’). You’ll see the station on the edge of the area, next to the bay.

Typhon Log #3
The final log can be found on the east side of the map. You might encounter some enemies here so be careful. On the left side of this area, climb onto the building and the station should be on the roof.

Typhon Dead Drop
The final challenge can be unearthed in the very center of the city (leaning a bit to the right). What you’re looking for is a small, gray storage container that’s acting as a shack. You’ll find the item inside. Keep in mind that if you get here before collecting all the logs, this chest will be locked. If you haven’t collected the logs yet, get back out there.

Lectra City Typhon Dead Drop
And that’s all the Lectra City Challenges done in Borderlands 3.

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