Borderlands 3 Droughts Challenges Guide – Collectibles Locations, Where to Find

We have compiled all list of all the challenges you can find and how to complete them in the Droughts area of Borderlands 3.

There are numerous challenges that are available in almost all of Borderlands 3’s locations. Completing these challenges will reward you a lot of experiences and this will even help you improve your vehicles. In this Borderlands 3 The Droughts Challenges Locations Guide, I’ve mentioned the locations of all of the collectibles that you will find in The Droughts area of Borderlands 3.

Droughts Challenges Locations

The guide includes locations for all seven challenges you will find in Drought along with screenshots for easy navigation.

Dead Claptrap #1
Travel to the location that is shown in the map below and look for Dead Claptrap #1 on a broken car’s hood.

Dead Claptrap 1

Dead Claptrap #2
Travel to Ellie’s Junkyard and look for the silver spot like in the map below. You will see a wall, go behind it and you will find an upside-down Claptrap hanging from a magnet.

Dead Claptrap 2

Legendary Hunt
Get to the area on this map below and a beast will spawn as soon as you get close.

Typhon Log #1
You will find this Typhon Log near some big bones, atop a cliff which will be overlooking the radio tower.

Typhon Log 1

Typhon Log #2
Follow the path shown below and grab the Typhon Log before you fall, you will find this one near the end of a small base.

Typhon Log #3
You will find this one sitting on a big rock near Ellie and Tannis’ junkyard.

Typhon Dead Drop
You will find this once you go through a big dam-like wall. Typhon Dead Drop will be at the back of this area inside a small shack.

Typhon Dead Drop

These are all the Droughts Challenges in Borderlands 3.

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