Borderlands 3 Skywell-27 Challenges Guide – Collectible Locations, Where to Find

The locations for all the Skywell-27 challenges in Borderlands 3 are available in this guide and you can check their general location on the map screenshot. We have broken down more detailed tips on how to reach these Skywell-27 challenges in the guide that follows.

Borderlands 3 Skywell-27 Challenges

Completing these challenges rewards you with experience points and customization options so it is a worthy side quest to jump into and earn something.

Dead Claptrap #1

Dead Claptrap 1

The first Claptrap will be tied to a giant moon spire. In order to get to this, climb up on top of the rocks that are on the left of this spire, from here you can jump towards the first Claptrap.

Dead Claptrap #2

Look for the yellow wire or a red glow inside an attic on the second level, you will find the second Claptrap here.

Typhon Log #1

Skywell-27 Typhon Log 1

Look for a small building which has a grate right behind it. The Typhon Log will be inside this building. You will find this building when you enter Skywell-27 for the first time.

Typhon Log #2

Skywell-27 Typhon Log 2

Walk past most of the upper floor, once you come across a bigger area, you’ll see a few rocks to your left. Jump over and across these to reach for the Typhon Log.

Typhon Log #3

Go up to the second floor where you will find a few pipes, climb on top of these to reach a hidden nook/corner above you.

Search for a pipe at an elevated area on this part of the map. Follow this path until you reach the Typhon Log.

Typhon Dead Drop

You will find the Typhon Dead Drop once you reach the end of the hallway shown below.

Target of Opportunity

Skywell-27 Target of Opportunity

Stroll through the platforms on the surface of the moon, search for the Target of Opportunity in the area shown below in the map.

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