Borderlands 3 Athenas Challenges Guide – Collectible Locations, Where to Find

This guide will help you locate all 8 challenge locations on Athenas in Borderlands 3. The following guide will explain and illustrate exactly where you can locate all the challenges.

Borderlands 3 Athenas Challenges Locations

Completing these challenges earns you experience and even potential enhancements for your vehicle, so they’re definitely worth getting, despite the fact that they can be a little hard to track down if you don’t have a guide to assist you; thankfully, you do.

Crimson Radio

Athenas Challenge Crimson Radio

A little difficult to locate, you must first cross the long bridge. Once you’ve done that, stay on the right side and head to the small shack with a speaker on top. Behind the speaker, you’ll see a stack of boxes, use those to climb higher.

There will be a tower near where you currently are, to reach it you’ll need to climb higher and higher, using boxes, ledges, and metal awnings.

Once you’ve ascended as much as you can, look to the tower and you’ll see an area where you can jump to; do it, and climb the ladder to reach the top, the radio is there.


Dead Claptrap #1

Dead Claptrap 1

This can be found on the east side of the map, on a small island. Cross the bridge to enter the area and look for an old couch, sitting comfortably on top it will be a Claptrap.

Dead Claptrap #2

This is actually near to where you found the Crimson Radio. Look for a tree with red leaves, the building in front of this tree will have a Claptrap on its roof. There will a stack of two boxes that you can use to get to the roof.

Legendary Hunt

Athenas Legendary Hunt

This can be found in the opposite direction of where you found the Crimson Radio and Dead Claptrap, in the opposite direction of the bridge.

You’ll notice on the map that there’s a small area to the left; its entrance is very narrow. You must go to this area, once you do, the creature – Chupacabratch – will appear; kill it.

Typhon Log #1

The first log is close to where you start off. After leaving the small pathway, remain on the left side of the map and look at the buildings in the corner.

The station is on the roof on the backside. Climb onto the house parallel to where you have to go, from there you’ll be able to see the station; jump to it.

Typhon Log #2

Typhon Log 2

Opposite to where you completed the Legendary Hunt, on the north-east side of the above image.

You’re looking for a large, white building with an upside-down V on the front. On the right side of this building is where you’ll find the station.

Typhon Log #3

The final log can be found close to the end of the area. Go to the final area (the building that’s filed with water). Towards the end, to the statue’s left, in the water, you’ll spot the final station.

Typhon Dead Drop

Once you cross the bridge, before heading for the Crimson Radio, you can find the dead drop.

Follow the same path as you did for the Crimson Radio, but instead of going upwards, you must surmount a rock fence and get to the other side and drop down; this area will be overlooking the water. Leaning on the wall, you’ll find the final object and will have completed all the challenges.

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