Borderlands 3 Meridian Outskirts Crew Challenges Guide

Check out the locations for all the challenges available in Meridian Outskirts in Borderlands 3 with our handy guide to finding all collectibles in game.

Completing crew challenges across various locations in Borderlands 3 rewards you handsomely with experience points and upgrades. In this guide, we have compiled a list of all the available crew challenges in the Meridian Outskirts area of Borderlands 3.

Meridian Outskirts Challenges Locations

In this Borderlands 3 Collectibles Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding all the collectibles and completing all the challenges in the Meridian Outskirts.

Typhon Log #1
When you first reach the Meridian Outskirts, you can find the log on the left towards the Fort Piss Off exit. To obtain the Typhon log, you will have to use the elevator below the outpost’s Southern side.

Get on it and go up towards the camp while leaning/hanging with the elevator. As you go up, look towards the right until you spot a bathroom and some railings at your front. Look closely, and you will see the Typhon Log near a fence below the ledge.

Typhon Log #2
The second Typhon log will be found somewhere in the middle of the destroyed tower. The tower is located in between the first main Spillways of the outskirts. Since it is located near where you’ve obtained the first log, you have to drive towards the tower.

When you reach it, you’ll pretty much find it by looking at the damaged roads below. You’ll find a small pillar, and under it, you will see the second Typhon Log.

Crimson Radio
The only broadcast tower you will have to deactivate in the game is located in this Meridian Outskirts. Head to the extensive area situated alongside the sewer underpass, which covers the back of the region. Once you reach the area, you will see a radio tower at your first corner. Go ahead and climb atop these boxes to deactivate the tower.

Hijack Target
So in the same area as Crimson radio, you’ll find your hijack target. There will be a bigger tower near the Crimson tower, right under a bridge. There will be a truck on top of it; jump onto the truck. You’ll find black and yellow marks where you will have to climb up. Go ahead and drive the car.

Typhon Log #3
I mentioned this one here since you will find it near the Hijack Target before entering the NOG Arena, right next to a few boxes. To be precise, you’ll find the third Typhon log from the northeast of the Hijack Target and below the destroyed pieces of a bridge. As you enter the tunnel, you’ll find the log situated near few cardboard boxes.

Dead Claptrap
You can find the Claptrap before entering the broader space of Meridian Outskirts. Here you’ll find a small cave in which you’ll see the Claptrap on a bug nest.

To obtain it, you will have to leave from the Fast Travel Station and head east to make your way to Fort Piss Off. Reach to a narrow path and then head down from it until you spot a cave. Please make your way into the cave and go towards its very end. When you’ve reached the end, you’ll find the Claptrap on a bug nest.

Typhon Dead Drop
Finding the Typhon Dead Drop can be a little bit hard as it is well hidden in a shaft of an elevator nearby the back center of the Outskirts region. You will find this when you reach the end of Meridian Outskirts, and then you’ll follow Lorelei. After going through the refugee camps with her, she’ll guide you towards an elevator that will take you to spillways.

Go in the elevator, press the button that you see on the wall to ride up the elevator, where you will see the Typhon Dead Drop above the shaft.

Red Chest Location
It will be a little tricky to instantly spot The Red Chest since it’s located at a small makeshift room in the underpass area of the Meridian Outskirts. You’ll have to first take a left from the fast travel point. As you turn left, you’ll see that there will be a high platform having a bandit camp, and within it will be the red chest.

To be precise, Take a lift and make your way to wherever the Side Mission Maliwannabees will take you. Now to reach the north side of the platform, you’ll have to fight. After you get there, towards the end of the platform, go to the left.

Take that path to go down where you spot stairs going up. The stairs will lead you towards finding a container room with a purple light. Once you spot the room, open the door, and you’ll obtain the Red Chest.

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