Borderlands 3 Cathedral of the Twin Gods Challenges Guide – Collectible Locations, Where to Find

We have compiled a guide with the location for all the crew challenges you can find in Cathedral of the Twin Gods area in Borderlands 3

This Borderlands 3 crew challenge will be in the area called ‘Cathedral of the Twin Gods’. In this area, you will have to go through a total of 7 crew challenges to complete the area and earn XP.

Borderlands 3 Cathedral of the Twin Gods Challenges

This is one of the final zones that you will go through in Borderlands 3. This zone has two parts, a long driving part an interior zone as you can see in the map.

Typhon Log #1
Typhon Log #1

You will find the Typhon log one when you are outside the sanctum and you jump to a platform from there, you might face a goliath when you go closer so be careful. The screenshot above shows the location where you can find the log.

Typhon Log #2

The second Typhon will be in front of the outer sanctum, on a platform high above you. You go inside the building and from there you will find a way to reach the platform.

Typhon Log #3

When you walk along the Fateward Walk, just to the east of the Cathedral you will find the third Typhon Log.

Typhon Dead Drop
After clearing and activating all three Typhon logs you will need to go to Fateward Walk again and when you reach the dead drop you will see a pipe opening just go there and you will find a chest.

Dead Claptrap

When you go to the marked location and enter the dead claptrap hallway, look for the board and melee or shoot it and get inside and salvage the claptrap.

Target of Opportunity

At the end of the zone, just get into the pit below Eridium tank, and don’t go to the great vault but head south for target of opportunity.

Crimson Radio
Crimson Radio

On the Fateward Walk when you get through first bridge, you will see a radio tower connected to a tall tower. You need to reach the computer on the platform that is connecting those two towers.