Borderlands 3 Voracious Canopy Challenges Guide – Collectible Locations, Where to Find

Unable to find all the crew challenges locations in Voracious Canopy area of Borderlands 3? Don't worry our collectibles guide has you covered.

You go to the Voracious Canopy right after getting done with the Jakobs Estate in Borderlands 3. Jakobs Estate has six crew challenges while Voracious Canopy has only four. Crew challenges aren’t that hard to find but we’ve prepared this handy little Borderlands 3 guide that lists their locations with images of the map of Voracious Canopy for reference.

Borderlands 3 Voracious Canopy Challenges

Completing these challenges will get you a decent amount of XP so it is always worth it to go hunting for these collectibles.

Typhon Log #1
Typhon Log #1

The log is in an elevated position so you will have to head up in the Green Labyrinth until you come across the building with scaffolding. Use the rocks to make your way up to this and collect the log.

Typhon Log #2

The Science Outpost is located at the northwest region of the Voracious Canopy. Enter it and you’ll spot a house on a cliff on the southwest side. The log is next to it.

Typhon Log #3

When exploring the Family Jewel, go to the upper levels and you’ll find a room to the East. The Typhon Log will be inside.

Dead Claptrap
Voracious Canopy Dead Claptrap

Go behind the waterfall that is on the East side of the Voracious Canopy and head up the Eridium stones to find the Dead Claptrap

Legendary Hunt

The Legendary Hunt is the Jobbermagwai. Fight it to the southeast of the Science Lab (by a large tree) and win to finish the challenge.

Typhon Dead Drop

Collecting all 3 Typhon Logs will unlock this Red Chest that is to the south side of the large tree where you fought the Jobbermagwai.