Borderlands 3 Meridian Metroplex Challenges Guide – Collectible Locations, Where to Find

We have compiled all the available challenges in Meridian Metroplex in Borderlands 3 for you to look at and complete easily

Meridian Metroplex Challenges guide is here to help you locate all the challenges in the Meridian Metroplex on Promethea in Borderlands 3. These challenges reward the player with experience and enhancements for their vehicle, making them a worthwhile endeavor.

Borderlands 3 Meridian Metroplex Challenges

The challenges are sparse and far away from one another, making the task of finding all 8 a difficult one. Worry not, for this guide will show you exactly where you need to go and what to do.

Crimson Radio
Crimson Radio

Follow the green marker present in the image. What you’re looking for is a diner/burger joint. Won’t be hard to miss as there’s a neon sign that advertises the diner.

Go up to the area to the diner’s right (take the stairwell) and look for a white box you can climb onto. From there, jump to the roof of the diner. The radio’s right in front of you.

Dead Claptrap
Meridian Metroplex Claptrap

This is near to where the Crimson Radio can be found. Head back slightly and look for a stairwell that leads down – you’ll find it underneath the overpass. Go down the stairs and you’ll locate the dead Claptrap.

Hijack Target

From your base (Sanctuary) head northeast. The image should give you an idea of the general vicinity. Once in the area, look for a tunnel with a golden sign over it; it reads ‘Meridian’.

Inside this tunnel, there will be a yellow barrier preventing you from entering. Above the shield you’ll see some pipes; there will be hatches on these pipes that can be shot: there’s one right in front of the barrier, and two more outside the tunnel.

Their location can be determined by a yellow wire that runs from the shield to the outside; follow the wire and the hatches will be above it. Once the barrier’s down, take the vehicle and take it to a Catch-a-ride

Target of Opportunity

This is an area that’s parallel to the path you start from. Go to the area marked on the map and get to the small area that resembles an arena (because it essentially is one).

Get inside and the creature – Baron Noggin – will spawn; beat it to complete the challenge.

Typhon Log #1

The first log can be found in a story relevant area. Look at the image and know that you’re heading east! Keep going straight until you’re at the very edge and are in an area that is overlooking the rest of the metropolis. On the right corner, you’ll find the station.

Typhon Log #2

This can be found outside of the large edifice in this area. You’ll recognize the tall structure by the sign on the front: Atlas.

Walk in the opposite direction of Atlas and head straight for a few feet, there will be a white shack in front of you. To the left of the shack is the second terminal.

Typhon Log #3
Meridian Metroplex Typhon Log 3

Go to the east side of the map. Keep going until you reach an underpass; don’t go in; instead, go to the area above it. There’s a path on the side so it’ll be no issue.

The station is next to a white container with the word ‘Maliwan’ imprinted on the side.

Typhon Dead Drop

This one’s actually a little tricky to get. You see the green marker on the image? That’s where it is but it’s not a straight shot to it. First, you have to go to the area opposite of the marker.

Climb a stairwell and you’ll enter an area with enemies; fight them or ignore them. As soon as you’re up the stairs, turn right towards some containers. Climb on top and jump onto a narrow pathway on the wall.

Now, from here, start heading towards the green marker. Jump and slide when necessary and you’ll reach the dead drop at the end of this path.

That’s all the Meridian Metroplex challenges!

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