Borderlands 3 Devil’s Razor Challenges Guide – Collectible Locations, Where to Find

We have the complete list of all the doable crew challenges in Devils Razor area of Borderlands 3 so you can get some nice XP

Devil’s Razor is another world map that features a number of Crew Challenges. There are nine crew challenges in Borderlands 3 Devil’s Razor map. To make it easier for you to find the challenges’ locations and earn achievements, we have compiled this guide to help you complete them!

Borderlands 3 Devil’s Razor Challenges

This series of challenges comprise Hijack Target, Typhoon Dead Drop, Legendary Hunt and other challenges that are spread across the map.

Typhon Log #1

On the cliff opposite the Lonely Pillar, there is a passageway between two boulders. Go through them to find a chest ahead. Right behind the chest afront the Lonely Pillar is the Log.

Typhon’s Log #2

To the west of Dahl Refinery in Phalanx Pass, you will find a shack labeled T -Spot on top of a hill. Behind that is your second Typhons log.

Typhon’s Log #3
Typhon Log 3

In Bollock’s Niche, you will find raised containers with paths leading from one to another. There, on top of the far western container is the third log.

Typhon Dead Drop

On the location marked on the map is a hole in the ground under a hill. Drop down to reach the chest.

Crimson Radio #1

On the hill, go through the container rooms to the other side to drop down the broken fence at the end.

Crimson Radio #2
In the Dahl Refinery, enter at the broken opening at the bottom as shown below. Turn right inside to enter a large open area. Keep moving up through the stair followed by with the pipe until you are outside on the hill. Look for a radio tower there.

Legendary Hunt

In the flood control channel where there are a lot of spider nest is the location of the legendary hunt. Kill the big Spiderant to complete the hunt.

Target of Opportunity
target of opportunity

East of Roland’s Rest is a small town like area with a lot of buildings and a huge satellite as well. There, find Hot Karl and eliminate him to complete the challenge.

Hijack Target

South Roland’s Rest is a large warehouse. On top of it is the Hijack Target, the Spiked Technical. Climb up to reach the vehicle and get it to the nearest Catch-A-Ride

Dead Clap Trap
In the area Sin-A-Plex, go to the south-west side to find the site shown below. Crawl inside to find the Dead Claptrap. Salvage its parts to complete the challenge

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