Baldur’s Gate 3 Gale Approval Rating Guide

Before raising the Gale approval rating in Baldur's gate 3, you must free him from the Portal in Act 1.

Gale is known as a great wizard who will assist you throughout your duels by providing an arsenal of spells and magical capabilities. Keeping him along with you and advancing in his companion quests throughout Baldur’s Gate 3 acts manipulates the Approval Rating of Gale.

After conversing with him, you can invite him to your party to get him as a potential companion. As Gale’s Approval Rating increases, the potential to romance Gale opens up.

This guide will span over how to increase Gale’s Approval Rating in Baldur’s Gate 3 and what you can do to make it so. I will further brief you about actions resulting in Gale’s Approval Down choices.

How to gain Gale approval in BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers an open-ended pursuit regarding the story and the game’s elements, like NPCs and Party members. Taking some choices can gain Gale’s approval rating in BG3. Being a character that upstands morally, acting with good ethical elements, and acts that do not harm the subject aligns with Gale’s views.

Following are the actions that you can take to gain Gale’s approval in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Due to the destructive object his chest includes, he will be found hungry and required to consume magical items. Grant him some from your inventory. This will significantly raise Gale’s approval rating in BG3.
  • Standing up for others, doing acts that are found to be good rather than evil and violent, and making decisions backed by intelligence can further aid the approval.
  • Showing interest in magic, engaging further with him, and learning more about the magic domain.
  • Gale cares about animals as well. Keeping them inside your camp, showing them kindness, and presenting caring gestures further increase Gale’s Approval.

Gale Approval Down choices

Given his warmth towards nature, peace, and magic, doing things that negate what he admired can downscale Gale’s Approval rating and conclude as an Approval Down choice in BG3.


The acts that can decrease Gale’s Approval Rating mainly symbolize entropy and produce destructive behavior. It can further lead to Ignorance, lack of intelligence, cruelty, and much more. I have listed the acts below. I do not recommend doing these acts in Baldur’s Gate 3 as they will damage the possibility of Gale Romance.

The following actions are deemed as Gale’s Approval Down choices in BG3:

  • Showing cruelty towards Animals.
  • Caring less about Gale’s Condition and not being supportive towards him. Not providing him with the magical items as he feels hungry.
  • Belittling and insulting others and not helping them in situations.
  • Lack of Intelligence in situations that require it severely.
  • Being judgemental when it comes to his condition.

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