Baldur’s Gate 3 Gale Approval Guide

Gale, the resident wizard of the party, is the easiest one you can woo and earn his approval in no time in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3, in a classic DnD fashion, allows you to recruit people as party members and romance them. However, to make someone your paramour in BG3, you first need to earn their respect by increasing their approval meter. The same is the case with party wizard Gale. Once you recruit Gale during Act 1, you can interact with him and perform acts that he likes to earn his approval in Baldur’s Gate 3.  

Gale is an upstanding citizen who loves obeying laws above anything else. He is the compass of morality for your whole camp and appreciates it when you do the right thing. Gale is the antithesis of everything evil and morally wrong, and following his lead will earn you his approval in Baldur’s Gate 3. Once you complete his companion quest, “Wizard of Waterdeep,” during Act 2, his approval meter turns green (very good), allowing you to romance Gale.

How to gain Gale approval in BG3

Gaining Gale’s approval is the easiest thing to do in Baldur’s Gate 3. Be an upstanding citizen and be kind towards his condition throughout the campaign, and you will earn Gale’s approval in no time. He also likes it when you recruit Karlach and keep her in your active party alongside Gale.  

Following are the choices that you can make to gain Gale’s approval in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Act 1 Gale approval choices

  • Standing up for others, doing acts that are found to be good rather than evil and violent, and making decisions backed by intelligence increase Gale’s approval.  
  • Showing interest in magic, engaging further with Gale, and learning more about the magic domain from him is a bonus point in his eyes.  
  • Gale cares about animals a lot. Saving them, recruiting them for your camp, showing them kindness, and petting the animals increase Gale’s Approval. 
  • Stop the Tiefling Arka from hurting the captured goblin, Sazza, inside the Emerald Grove. 
  • Protect Arabella from Kagha by any means necessary. In case you fail, confront Kagha and attack her for killing a child in cold blood. 
  • Refuse to open the Druid Grove gate for Minthara to earn Gale’s approval in BG3. 
  • Recruit Lae’zel, Karlach, and Wyll into the party. 
  • Try to convince Owlbear to let you go. If you kill her, don’t hurt the Owlbear cub. 
  • Refuse to take Minthara’s side and attack her instead inside Goblin Camp
  • Give an additional 200 gold to the struggling artist, Oskar Fevras, in the Zhentarim hideout
  • When Gale requests you for a magical item, give it to him to earn his massive approval in Baldur’s Gate 3. 
  • Stop Lae’zel from killing party members inside the camp. 
  • When Gale asks you to experience the weave, allow him. During the experience, select the following dialogue option: “Picture kissing Gale.” This will also start your romance with Gale. 

Act 2 Gale approval choices

Act 3 Gale approval choices

  • Inside House of Hope, refuse to remove your clothes and pledging to your body to Harleep. 
  • Persuade Gale to join you in an orgy with the Drow twins. When he expresses his doubts, reply with: “Your body looks great” to earn Gale’s approval in Baldur’s Gate 3. 
  • Refuse to accept Deal with the Gnomes’ quest from Manip Falcao.

What not to do if you want Gale’s approval

Given his warmth towards nature, peace, and magic, doing things that contradict what he admires can downscale Gale’s Approval for you in BG3.  

The acts that can decrease Gale’s Approval mainly symbolize entropy and destructive behavior. It can further lead to Ignorance, lack of intelligence, cruelty, and much more. 

The following actions are deemed as Gale’s Approval Down choices in BG3:

  • Showing cruelty towards Animals.  
  • Belittling and insulting others and not helping them in situations.  
  • Lack of Intelligence in situations that require it immensely.   
  • Starting a violent confrontation or attacking someone unprovoked.  
  • Killing owlbear cub after defeating owlbear during Act 1 of the game.  
  • Siding with Minthara to destroy Emerald’s Grove will decrease Gale’s approval of you by a massive amount. He will leave your party unless you persuade him to stay.  
  • Refusing to learn from Necromancy of Thay or handing it over to Gale’s archnemesis Astarion.  
  • Telling Madeline to stab herself during He Who Was side quest in Act 2 of the game.  
  • Making Gale participate in Dribbles’ the Clown show will make him furious, resulting in you losing his approval in Baldur’s Gate 3. 
  • When Gale presents a weaving experience, select the following dialogue option: “Imagine Gale’s head on a spike.” 
  • Make fun of Isobel and tell her she is going to meet Ketheric Thorm
  • Make a fuss when Steel watchers try to arrest you at Rivington’s gate.

Impact of Approval on Gale’s Romance

Gale is the easiest person to romance in BG3, as you can earn approval fast by just being an upstanding citizen. Once his approval meter turns green, initiate the chat with Gale in the camp and select all the positive options to woo him. Losing Gale as a partner is not easy, but if you continue the path of evil and keep earning his disapproval, he will leave the party for good, and you, in turn.

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