Baldur’s Gate 3: Find Dribbles The Clown Quest Guide

Time to go sewer diving to find the missing parts of Dribbles the Clown and make him whole again.

Find Dribbles the Clown is a side quest during Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3 in the Lower City area. Not only has Mr. Dribbles (voiced by Richard Booth) gone missing, but his body parts are being spread across the city as a warning. Now, it is up to you to find Dribbles the Clown’s body parts and deliver them to his ringleader or leave him to rot in multiple places.

Find Dribbles the Clown quest walkthrough

When you reach the lower city area, a circus is performing in the middle of the town. The circus in question is called Circus of Last Days, and the clown performing there asks you to be a volunteer. Once you agree, he reveals himself as a doppelganger and attacks you. Kill the impostor, Dribbles the clown, and his minions, and make your way to the main tent of the circus.


Free all the animals, including the Displacer Beast, from their cages before interacting with the impostor clown.

Once you kill Dribbles’ impostor, turn back and go to the tent where all members of Circus are (X: -81, Y: -30). Talk to the ringleader, Lucretious, to learn about Dribbles’ fate. She acknowledges Dribbles is missing and requests you to bring him back in pieces. She seems cool when talking about the murder of one of his colleagues. This officially starts Find Dribbles the Clown quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Dribbles the Clown body parts locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

Dribbles’ body has been torn apart into seven pieces and spread across the city of Revington. You must collect all 7 parts and deliver them to the circus leader to finish Find Dribbles the Clown quest.

Dribbles the Clown Hand location

There is a stall in the Circus of the Last Days at (X: -98, Y: -46). This stall is run by a character named Popper. He is the new owner of the hand, and the only way to acquire it is to steal. First, you must pass a perception check to find Dribbles’ hand and then use stealth or distraction to steal it from the stall.


There is a bug in the game where the ringleader, Lucretious, will refuse to accept body parts unless you have the same party composition. Ensure the member who accepted the quest also hands over all the body parts.

Dribbles the Clown Torso location

The next part, the torso, is inside the Open Hand Temple in Revington. This sequence overlaps with the Open Hand Temple Murders quest. Once you go to the basement of the open-hand temple by using a hatch in the temple (X: -63, Y: 6), you will find a bloody altar. Press the switches on both sides of the altar to remove a fake wall. Enter the chamber and kill the doppelgangers to loot Dribbles the clown’s torso from their bodies.

Dribbles the Clown Pelvis location

To find Dribbles’ torso, fast travel to the Basilisk Gate waypoint to the North of Revington. Once there, go north to enter an alley. There is a locked door inside the alley at (X: -123, Y: -4). Use a lock pick to open the gate (15 DC) or use the Knock spell. Interact with the dead body there to find Dribbles’ pelvis.

Dribbles the Clown Arm location

The next part of Dribbles’ body is available in a torn house to the East of Sorcerous Sundries. The house is at (X: 29, Y: -113) and is boarded up. Use blunt melee weapons or powerful spells to destroy the wooden boards blocking the entrance. Enter the house to find Peartree’s chest key and Bloodstained Parchment from under a bench. Search the body to obtain Bloodied Note.

Remove the trunk near the body to find a hatch leading to a secret entrance. Use a lock pick to open the hatch (15 DC). There is a body inside Peartree’s basement at (X: 561, Y: 753). Loot the body to find Dribbles, the clown’s arm.

Dribbles the Clown Head location

This is getting strange now. Time to find Dribbles’ head that is no longer present on his shoulders. Fast travel to the undercity ruins waypoint and reach its Northeast.

If you haven’t unlocked this waypoint, you must find the Amulet of Bhaal first. You can obtain it by completing Investigate the Murders side quest and then killing the Murder Tribunal.

Once you have the Amulet of Bhaal, you can enter the underground ruins by entering the sewer near the Basilisk Gate. Present the amulet at the first gate of the Temple of Bhaal and kill Farslayer of Bhaal, Ghislev.  Reach stairs with a pile of bodies in front of some statues. Loot a body at (X: -60, Y: 1042) to obtain Dribbles’ severed head.

Dribbles the Clown Leg location

The next part, the severed leg, is in the lower city area. Fast travel to Lower City central wall waypoint and go west from there. Go to the house marked on the map and open the locked hatch (X: -79, Y: -74). Use a lock pick and roll above 15 to open it successfully.

Once inside the Groundkeeper’s basement, ignore all the dead bodies and go straight through a broken wall. Interact with the body inside the pentagram on the floor to obtain Dribbles the clown’s leg.

Dribbles the Clown Foot location

To find the final piece of the solution, go to Beehive General Goods in the lower city area. There is a locked house behind the shop. Use the lock pick to open the door at (X: -93, Y: -107). Enter the Rainforest home and use the hatch to the right to enter the basement. Loot the dead body to the right to obtain Dribbles’ foot.

Find Dribbles the Clown quest reward

Once you have collected all the parts of the Dribbles, bring them back to the ringleader Lucretious. She will promise to make Dribbles anew and reward you with Spellmight gloves. This marks the end of Find Dribbles the Clown quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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