How To Deal With The Gnomes In Baldur’s Gate 3

Deal with Gnomes in Balur's Gate 3 will check your moral fiber as you will come across an acquaintance from the past. Will you listen to his reason or kill him for some measly rewards?

Deal with the Gnomes is a side quest in BG3 that you can access during the third act. Once you reach Baldur’s gate, a whole plethora of quests open that tie into our main quest. Deal with the Gnomes is one such quest that wants you to track down and hunt some mischievous gnomes that are attacking human check posts. 

This side quest includes a lot of moral choices that will make you question your methods at least once. But worry not, we will guide you step by step to find the best outcome for your playthrough. We still recommend saving the game a lot to check multiple outcomes for Deal with the Gnomes side quest in BG3. 

How to start Deal with the Gnomes side quest

To start Deal with Gnomes in Baldur’s Gate 3 you need to reach Baldur’s Gate. Once there go to the South Span checkpoint (marked on the map). A cutscene triggers and you and your party will be interrogated by some cult followers. Regardless of your roll outcome or the answers, they will brand you heretic. Their leader will ask the soldiers to imprison you.

At the same time, the checkpost will be invaded by some gnomes who are also against the Absolute. They will hurt the humans and run away. Follow the human troops and you will find their leader Manip Falcao incapacitated. if you can’t find him at the point of ambush, just go to the coordinates (X: -10, Y: 50) to meet him in a cabin. 

Manip Falcao will explain the whole situation with the gnomes and will ask you to bring him the head of the Iron Hands gnome leader. This will automatically start the “Deal with Gnomes” side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Deal with the Gnomes walkthrough

Once you accept the Deal with the Gnomes quest in BG3, use the vines at (X: 35, Y: 25) to climb down. Once down, pass a check to find some footprints. Follow the footprints to find the hideout of gnomes inside a small cave.


Upon entering the hideout, a new cutscene will start as you will meet Wulbren. He is the gnome leader and the one you helped escape from Moonrise Towers. Wulbren is inside Angleiron’s Cellar at (X: -258, Y: -1083) You have multiple options here. 

  • Attack Wulbren immediately without any dialogue and start the fight. 
  • Listen to Wulbren and tell him that you are here on the order of Manip Falcao to cut him down. 

These two options will make the whole hideout hostile against you. This is a very tough fight so make sure you are fully prepared and have some good spells ready. Once Wulbren is down, loot his body to obtain a key item “Wulbren’s Head”. You can bring the head to the Fist’s hideout and hand it over to Manip Falcao to complete “Deal with the Gnomes” quest in BG3. 

Alternately you can make friends with Wulbren and kill all the Fist members at the hideout including Manip Falcao. You can also refuse to return the head to him and make enemies on both sides. Siding with Wulbren will also allow you to destroy the Steel Watch Foundry so it is definitely worth considering.


If you decide to complete the quest normally by handing over Wulbren’s head to Manip Falcao, he will reward you with 800 gold. All other outcomes will lock you out of this reward and fail the quest.

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