Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Potential Princess Sightings Walkthrough 

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Potential Princess Sightings side adventure is a comprehensive one which looks into Zelda's sightings!

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been all about finding out what is happening with Princess Zelda. You see she was lost during the opening of the game and now it is up to Link to find her. The entire main quest is related to this endeavor but there is a side adventure that helps us investigate it. This one is the Potential Princess Sightings side adventure in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Link assists Traysi and Penn from The Lucky Clover Gazette in investigating rumors regarding Princess Zelda’s activities in Hyrule. As the name suggests, these are all related to Zelda’s possible sightings.

In return for helping them out, you will get the Froggy Armor Set. So without further ado, let’s get into how you can acquire the Potential Princess Sightings side adventure and how to complete it. 

How to unlock Potential Princess Sightings in Zelda: TotK 

The Potential Princess Sightings side adventure begins at the Lucky Clover Gazette in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tyrasi and Penn have converted an old Stable in Tabantha Frontier into an establishment and are looking into Princess Zelda’s possible appearances. The exact coordinates are as follows: -3256, 1764, 0119 

Potential Princess Sightings quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

The Lucky Clover Gazette is located toward the Southeast corner of Lake Totori and towards the North of Strock Lake. Once you reach the location, head inside and talk to Tyrasi.  


He will explain his whole plan of finding out about Princess Zelda to you. He will then ask for your assistance. This is how Potential Princess Sightings’ side adventure will initiate. 

How to complete Potential Princess Sightings in Zelda: TotK 

Potential Princess Sightings is not a small task. This side adventure consists of 12 more quests. Completing every one of them will lead to the completion of the main side adventure – Potential Princess Sightings in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.  

The gist of things is that you will have to visit a total of twelve stables around Hyrule. Doing so will grant you another side quest.

These are usually small and easy to do. Visit all twelve stables and complete all twelve side quests to complete Potential Princess Sightings side adventure. 

Below we have given the details of all the stable locations and all of the quests each stable will give you.  

Wetland Stable 

Coordinates: 0899, -0157, 0025 

Related Quest: The Missing Farm Tools 

In this one, you find out Princess Zelda borrowed a couple of tools from the stable in Wetland but never returned them. You will help a character named Izra cross the river and visit the last known location where the Princess was last seen with them. He’ll get his tools back and the quest ends.

Snowfield Stable 

Coordinates: -1634, 2575, 0233 

Related Quest: Zelda’s Golden Horse 

Princess Zelda kept a horse in the Snowfield Stable but during the time she vanished, she went out with the horse and never came back. Now it is up to you to bring back the golden horse. You can find the horse just North of the stable. Quietly sneak up on the horse and then jump on it and try to bring it under control. Once you are done, take the horse back and the quest will be completed. 

Highland Stable 

Coordinates: 0523, -3431, 0047 

Related Quest: An Eerie Voice Quest 

Reports have been coming in that the voice of Princess Zelda is being heard at night in the Fural Plain Region. You will need to accompany Penn to investigate.

You can only do this during the night so it is best to reach the spot accordingly. Upon reaching there, you will hear a voice coming from a well. Head down the well and find out where the voice is coming from. 

Riverside Stable 

Coordinates: 0330, -1086, 0010 

Related Quest: Gourmets Gone Missing 

A couple of Gourmets were supposed to arrive at the Riverside Stable to cook the recipe given to them by Princess Zelda. But they haven’t arrived yet. Your task is to follow the direction given by Gotten, the stable chef, to investigate and locate the Gourmets. Once you have found them, you will cook them a meal using the recipe near the firepot. Upon eating they will all become energized and Penn will come to talk to you to finish this segment of the questline. 

South Akkala Stable 

Coordinates: 3160, 1690, 0201 

Related Quest: The All-Clucking Cucco 

This time you will take a trip to find and talk to the All-Clucking Cucco in the South Akkala Region. You go and ask the rooster about the princess. But before he gives you an answer, he will give you two tasks; get to the top of a nearby stable, and collect three trees. Complete the tasks only to find it was all a trap set up by the Yiga Clan. Defeat them and talk to Penn to conclude the quest. 

Foothill Stable

Coordinates: 2607, 1127, 0147 

Related Quest: For Our Princess! 

This is a strange one as you will come across researchers around Death Mountain with a peculiar research method. They will tell you that Princess Zelda has asked them to investigate the cave while only wearing underpants. 

The idea seems absurd but you have to go on with it. You will be stripped of everything, and you will have to enter the cave in Death Mountain. Inside, you will sneak around and explore the cave using only the most basic weapons, in your underpants. 

New Serenne Stable 

Coordinates: -1352, 0732, 0086 

Related Quest: The Beast and the Princess 

This quest will require you to investigate the rumor that has spread like wildfire around Hyrule. It is that there is a strange beast in Hyrule and it has to do something with Princess Zelda as well. 

Talk to Penn in the New Serenne Stable and he will tell you what the rumor is and ask you to investigate. You will have to visit the animal sanctuary across from the Stable and meet with Cima, the caretaker. She will tell you that the rumored beast is actually the Dondon and this is what the Princess was riding. 

Gerudo Canyon Stable 

Coordinates: -2793, -2240, 0029 

Related Quest: The Blocked Well 

The Blocked Well quest will send you to investigate a blocked well. Apparently, Princess Zelda ordered to have it close. This well was the only source of water for the stable. You have to head down the well and take down a number of enemies. 

Once all the enemies are taken out, you will come back, talk to Penn and this will conclude the quest. 

Tabantha Bridge Stable 

Coordinates: 2914, 0554, 0169 

Related Quest: White Goats Gone Missing 

Chork, the caretaker has been taking care of White Goats at the Tabantha Bridge Stable. But recently, all the goats have run away. It is now up to you to bring back all the goats. Outside the stable, there will be a trail of pine cones. 

Follow the trail and eventually, you will find the missing goats. Chork will come back and the following conversation will conclude the quest. 

Dueling Peaks Stable 

Coordinates: 1748, -1939, 0010 

Related Quest: Princess Zelda Kidnapped? 

You will have to investigate a rumor that Princess Zelda has in fact been kidnapped by a member of the Yiga Clan. She is said to have been held captive in the Dueling Peaks region. After talking to Penn, investigate the situation. 

You will come across Princess Zelda in a cage but it is actually the members of the Yiga Clan waiting for you. They will ambush you but you can take them down. 

Woodland Stable 

Coordinates: 1042, 1157, 0022 

Related Quest: Serenade to a Great Fairy 

There is a musician that plays music for the Great Fairy but he can’t reach her because his cart is broken. You want to ask the Fairy some questions but she is not coming out of the flowers. 

Help the musician fix the broken cart, using all the parts available from around you. Once you have fixed the card, the musician will go up to the fairy and play music. The fairy will come out of the flower and answer your questions about the Princess. 

Outskirt Stable 

Coordinates: -1447, 1266, 0032 

Related Quest: The Beckoning Woman  

The last quest on the list will have you help a woman who can be found near the Outskirts Stable. For this quest, she will ask you to follow her and meet her at a couple of different locations.  

Follow the instructions and meet her at all the indicated locations. When you meet her for the last time, you will find out that woman is actually a Yiga Clan member. Now you have to take them on and defeat them to complete the quest. 

Once you are done with all 12 of the quests, Potential Princess Sightings Side Adventure in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be completed. 

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