The Blocked Well – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Open the blocked well and defeat the monsters to clear Princess Zelda's name.

The Blocked Well is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which is part of a much bigger side quest, Potential Princess Sightings. This quest will send you to explore a mysterious well and defeat its monsters.

In this guide, we will help you acquire this quest and complete it efficiently. Before proceeding, we recommend stocking up on arrows and elixirs that provide resistance against Lightning attacks.

Talk to Penn at Gerudo Canyon Stable

The Blocked Well side quest can be started by talking to Penn at the Gerudo Canyon Stable. You can reach the location from the Turakamik Shrine. The exact coordinates are (-2711, -2255, 0044). Simply head over to the location marked on the map below:

As you reach the Gerudo Canyon Stable, you will find Penn standing near the stable, examining a well. Talk to Penn, and as the conversation is over, drop down into the well to investigate the secret.

Defeat the Monsters in the Blocked Well

In this side quest, you will find out that a long time ago, Princess Zelda forced the stable to shut down. The reasons were unknown.

Years later, this stable became a topic of discussion, and as a reporter, you must find out why it was shut down.

Start off by dropping into the well and swim your way to the Brightcap sticking out of the rock on the left. Collect the Brightcap and find a blocked wall on the right.

Break this wall down using a heavy weapon from your inventory. A hammer is always the best thing to use in these situations.


You can also use Bomb Arrows (Bomb Flowers + Arrows) or Yunobo’s Charge ability to break the boulders blocking the well.

In the process, you may damage your weapon, but you can at least acquire the Opal behind them.

Opals aren’t the only surprise you receive after breaking the wall. You will also encounter three Lizalfos. Although keeping a safe distance is required in these situations, doing so will result in you receiving a spitting attack from the monsters.

Therefore, start off by dealing with the archer and then the other monsters that wield a melee weapon. As you kill the monsters, they will drop 1x Black Lizalfos Horn, 1x Lizalfos Talon, 1x Blue Lizalfos Horn, and 1x Blue Lizalfos Tail.

After defeating the three Lizalfos, you will have to deal with the large Like Like spawning from the top. Simply shoot a bow at the large ball in its mouth to stun it. Then, hit the orange ball repeatedly to defeat it.

After defeating it, the Like Like will drop a chest for you to loot. Looting the chest will net you 1x Gerudo Claymore. You can also collect the Steal Lizal Shield next to the chest.

Make your way out of the cave from where you fought the Like Like and fight the Electric Lizalfos in your way.

Kill them using your bow from a distance, as they can shock you into dropping your weapon and shield. This will complete The Blocked Well side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Reward

Penn will reward you with some rupees (50-100) depending on your progress through the Potential Princess Sightings side quest. You will also get a Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric if this is your quest in the sequence.

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