Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom White Goats Gone Missing Walkthrough

White Goats Gone Missing in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has you find some goats which have run away. Here is how you do it!

The White Goats Gone Missing side adventure is a simple one in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In this side adventure, you will need to find some white goats which have been missing from the pen. The herder tells us that he made a recipe for goat feed given to him by Princess Zelda. This recipe has Raw Hylian Pine cones as an ingredient.

Unfortunately, the goats didn’t like the feed and ran away. So now it is up to us to find the goats and return them. Read on to find out how to start this side adventure and complete it in Zelda: TotK. 

How To Unlock White Goats Gone Missing in Zelda: TotK

White Goats Gone Missing quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

This side adventure is part of the Potential Princess Sightings so you need to start that first. This is done at the Lucky Clover Gazzaette in the Rito Village.

After that, you can start this side adventure at the Tabantha Bridge Stable. This is next to the Tabantha Great Bridge in Western Hyrule Ridge. When you approach Hyrule Ridge, you will find Penn. He tells that the white goats are missing and the Princess is involved in the matter.

Next to him, you will find Chork. He will tell you about the recipe as discussed before, and how they went away. He asks you to find them as they are one of a kind.  

How to complete White Goats Gone Missing in Zelda: TotK

White Goats Gone Missing can be completed quite easily in Tears of the Kingdom since you won’t have to go far. When you have spoken to Penn and Chork, you will find a Hylian Pinecone outside the pen.


When you approach it, you will find that the pine cones form a trail. Follow the trail and you will be taken to the goats. They are in the nearby forest of Seres Scablands.

The white goats will also have the recipe in the bottle nearby. Now when you call Chork, he will be shocked that the recipe bottle has been found. When he takes a read of the recipe, it calls for grounded Hylian Pine Cones and not whole.

Thus he learns that the Princess was right and he had not remembered it correctly. Next, Penn will fly and come to you and reward you with a Silver Rupee

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