For Our Princess! – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Get in your trunks and brace the monsters empty handed for our princess.

For Our Princess is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in which you will help a group of explorers overcome a silly misunderstanding. As it is linked to the Potential Princess Sightings side quest, acquiring this side quest is a bit more difficult than usual.

In this side quest, you help a few members of the Zonai Survey team who have misinterpreted a message from Princess Zelda and decided to search a cave full of monsters without any clothes or weapons.

Going into this den of monsters half-naked and empty-handed is like a self-enacted death sentence for these people. So, you being the hero of Hyrule, it is your duty to do it on their behalf.

This side adventure also grants you a few rupees and progresses your quest to acquire Froggy armor. Therefore, let us investigate the location of this cave and how Link can help the members of the Zonai Survey Team.

Talk to Penn at Foothill Stable

The For Our Princess side quest is part of a bigger side adventure called the Potential Princess Sightings, so make sure that you have started that one to get to this side adventure.


You can start the Potential Princess Sightings side quest by talking to Tyrasi at Lucky Clover Gazette near the Rito Village entrance.

The For Our Princess side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be started after talking to Penn at the Foothill Stable of Eldin Canyon near the Foothill Stable Well west of the Cephla Lake at the location on the map below.

The exact coordinates for this side quest are (2609, 1119, 0146) and can be reached using fast travel.

You can use the Kisinona Shrine or the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, both of which are located directly north of where you get the side adventure.

Eliminate the Monsters in the Cave

To complete the For Our Princess side quest, you have to talk to an NPC named Penn and then help the survey team.

When you reach Foothill Stable, you will see Penn there waiting for you. Go and converse with him to discover Princess Zelda’s new commands.

He will inform you that Princess Zelda has issued a very strange command asking the Zonai Survey Team to investigate a cave of monsters wearing nothing but underpants, and that too without any weapons or reinforcement.

He will show you the location of the cave that few men have set out to explore recklessly, so you must go there next.

This cave is located near the Maw of Death Mountain of Eldin Canyon which is north of the stable so head up there. Its entrance is marked by a hanging skull.

You will find two NPCs, Drant and Sango, waiting outside the cave in their briefs. Talk to them, and they will tell you about the investigation they have been trying to conduct but are too afraid of it.

Offer to go first, and they will ask you to remove all your clothes and weapons. They will tell you that they prefer watching you from the outside, so you have to go in alone. 

Now you must go inside the cave but as the cave is filled with monsters and you do not have any weapons on you, you have to be smart about it. There is a Blue Moblin and three Red Bokoblins in the cave that you must defeat.

Do not bother any monsters at first and sneak past them while being stealthy. All while doing that, you have to collect weapons and any buffing foods you can find inside the cave.

You will see wooden boxes inside the cave that you can break to obtain the weapons inside. Fuse the weapons with rocks to increase their attack power and durability.

Once you have collected enough weapons and food buffs, fight the monsters. You will see the ‘Monster Forces’ health bar on the top, so keep on fighting them till it drains out, and all the monsters are dead.

While fighting, make sure that you consume all the food buffs you collected so you do not run low on energy. They will disappear once you step out of the cave.

After defeating all the monsters, make your way back to Drant and Sango and tell them that you got rid of all the monsters inside the cave.

They will want to tell their team about your heroic abilities at Foothill Stable and will ask you to join them.

Now make your way back to Penn at the Foothill stable, who will be standing there with the rest of the Zonai Survey Team, including Drant and Sango.

They will praise your services while another NPC, Lecia, interrupts them. She will tell everyone that they misinterpreted Princess Zelda’s message, and it told them to ”explore all other paths” instead of “explore in underpants.”

This will complete the For Our Princess side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Reward

Penn will give you some rupees (50-100) depending on how far you are in the Potential Princess Sightings side quest. Your progress will also determine whether you are eligible for Froggy Armor as a reward or not.

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