Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom The All-Clucking Cucco Walkthrough 

The All-Clucking Cucco side adventure in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has you look into a prophecy only to get ambushed. Here's how to do it!

In your quest to complete the Potential Princess Sightings side adventure, you will have to visit 12 stables around Hyrule. Each visit to a stable will give you another side adventure. Amongst those stable quests is The All-Clucking Cucco in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.  

For this side adventure, Penn will send you to this stable to investigate the whereabouts of Princess Zelda. Completing this side adventure gives you 50 Purple Rupees and a Froggy Sleeve.

If you’re interested in getting these items then keep on reading. We’ll tell you all you need to know to complete the All-Clucking Cucco side adventure in Zelda: TotK 

How to unlock All-Clucking Cucco in Zelda: TotK 

The All-Clucking Cucco can be unlocked by visiting South Akkala Stable in Akkala Region in Tears of the Kingdom.

The stable can be found North of Akkala Citadel Ruins and near the Kanalet Ridge. You can trace these coordinates to reach the location: 3160, 1690, 0201 

All-Clucking Cucco quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

Once you reach the Stable, find Penn and talk to him. That will trigger the All-Clucking Cucco side adventure. 


How to complete All-Clucking Cucco in Zelda: TotK

Find and talk to the All-Knowing Cucco 

After the side adventure has been initiated, you will first have to find and talk to the All-Knowing Cucco (marked in yellow). It will be on top of a hill, northeast of South Akkala Stable (marked in red). 

Upon locating, talk to the bird and before it tells you anything, it will test you twice. 

Complete the first test

The first task is to climb the giant rock horse which is at the top of the South Akkal Stable. You will have 45 seconds to go from the starting position to the top. You can use any possible method, as long as you don’t exceed the given time limit. 

The easiest method involves using Ascend. Go inside the stable then position yourself in a way that you can rise to the top. It takes a little time to adjust yourself and find the right spot. The plus point is that the time taken during the animation doesn’t count. 

Complete the second test

Once you are done with the first test, you will teleport back to the All-Knowing Cucco. It will ask you if you want to do the second trial. It will then ask you to cut and collect three trees and bring them back to him. 

If you look exactly toward the right, you will see a couple of trees. Run to them, cut them using an axe or a sword. Now use Ultrahand and combine the three of them together and bring them back using the same power.

This makes it easier to transport them all together. Once you do, the trial will end.

It Was A Trap 

Now you will head back to hear about the prophecy regarding Princess Zelda. But you’ll soon find out it was all a clever ploy by Yiga Clan. The All-Knowing Cucco will transform into A Yiga Clan Footsoldier and you will be ambushed. 

You can take them down quite easily if you know a bit about them. They are quick and can teleport to attack you. But there is a slight delay between them appearing and a smoke cloud will appear at the destination they will teleport to. 

You can attack them as soon they appear and that is how you can take them down. Once all of them a down, a cutscene will play. 

After the fight, Penn, will come flying down and ask about the whole incident. At the end of the conversation, he will give you 20 Purple Rupees and 1x Froggy Sleeve as a reward. This concludes the side adventure. 

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