Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom A Letter To Koyin Quest Walkthrough

Retrieve the letter for Koyin to help her perfect the cheese recipe.

A Letter to Koyin is a fairly simple side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. During the quest, you will find Koyin, who needs your help retrieving the message from the bottle in the lake. However, since the bottle is in the middle of the lake, it can be a bit tricky to retrieve.

Luckily, we have prepared this guide to help you figure out how to retrieve the bottle and complete the A Letter to Koyin side quest.

Find and Talk to Koyin

A Letter to Koyin can be obtained by talking to Koyin near Hateno Village Pastures. The easiest way to reach there is by fast traveling to either Hateno Village Research Lab or the Mayahisik Shrine.

Once there, make your way to Hateno Village Pastures and talk to Koyin, who is standing on the lakeshore (3629, -2046, 0178). Upon talking to her, she will reveal that she needs the bottle present in the center of the lake.

There is a message in the bottle, and she desperately wants it. This will officially start A Letter to Koyin’s side quest in the game.

Retrieve the Bottle from the Lake

Although there are several ways to complete A Letter to Koyin side quest such as creating a raft or combining the trees to create a bridge and retrieve the bottle. We have given the easiest method to acquire the bottle from the lake and hand it over to Koyin.


If you have enough stamina bar, you can simply swim to the bottle and push it all the way to the shore. Sometimes, brute force and stubbornness are the only answers to every question.

Start by locating the bottle with the message. You can find it using your Camera at the center of the lake.

Using your Sword or Axe, chop down any large tree beside the dock where you found Koyin.

Using your Ultrahand ability, grab the chopped tree and place it into the lake near the bottle. Dive into the lake and swim to the tree trunk.

Pick up the bottle from the lake with Ultrahand and place it as near the shore as possible.

Swim back to shore and pick up the bottle once more. Place it near Koyin and then talk to her. She will become aware of Bottle’s presence and read the letter inside it.

Koyin will ask you to visit her at her house. The house in Hateno Pastures belongs to Koyin’s family. Go inside the house and talk to Koyin to complete the A Letter to Koyin quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Reward

The letter contains the recipe for Hateno Cheese. Koyin will craft the cheese and give you 1x Hateno Cheese as a reward.

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