Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Dantz Prize Cows Quest Walkthrough

Look for acorns to help Dantz's Prize Cows.

The Dantz Prize Cows side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will have you help one of the many inhabitants of Hyrule. The quest is set in Hateno Village, where you will meet Dantz, a dairy farmer.

He will need some Acorns to put in the feed for his cows. The problem is that he doesn’t have them. So, it falls on you to help him out.

Talk to Dantz at Hateno Village Pastures

Dantz Prize Cows can be started by talking to Dantz, the owner of Hateno Pastures. This area is in the eastern part of Hateno Village, on the path leading to Hateno Village Research Lab.


The nearest shrine is the Mayahisik Shrine, which is in a cave to the east.

Once you talk to Dantz (3618, -2090, 0177) near the haybarn, he will tell you about the quality of milk his cows produce. It is top-of-the-line, and the reason behind the great quality is a unique diet.

However, that diet primarily comprises Acorns, which are increasingly difficult to find. Dantz wants you to find three Acorns for him. This will officially start the quest, and you can now select it from the journal.

Gather the Acorns

To complete the Dantz Prize Cows side quest, you must give three Acorns to Dantz.


If you have three acorns in your inventory, you can simply hand these over to complete the quest.

If you don’t have the required Acorns, you can acquire them by killing squirrels. From the Dantz location, go straight to Restam River. This is the same place where you will also meet Koyin (if not already).

Travel along the right bank of the river to enter Restam Forest. Crouch to enter stealth and start killing squirrels with arrows.

Usually, one arrow is more than enough to kill one squirrel. Each of them will drop one Acorn each. Collect the required number of Acorns and return to Dantz.

Talk to Dantz and hand over the Acorns to complete the Dantz Prize Cows side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Reward

Dantz will reward you with a jug of Fresh Milk for finding the acorns.

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