How To Get Sun Pumpkin In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

There are a few quests that you need to complete first in the Hateno Village before getting Sun Pumpkins in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Sun Pumpkin in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a rare resource to get your hands on and can be used as an ingredient in your dishes. Consuming the Sun Pumpkin can provide various benefits, such as restoring gloom-damaged heart containers.

Some resources in TotK are available out in the open everywhere you go, while others are rare to find and may even require you to complete particular quests. The Sun Pumpkin falls into the latter category, and laying your hands on it might not be that simple.

This guide will show you how to get Sun Pumpkin in Tears of the Kingdom. So, let’s get started.

Sun Pumpkin location in Tears of the Kingdom

Before you can dig into finding the Sun Pumpkin in Zelda: TotK, you’ll have to complete a series of quests first.

The entire story unravels in the Hateno Village, located north of Ebon Mountain in the Mount Lanaryu Region and lies west of the Necluda Sea. This village lies between the Firly Pond and the Zelkoa Pond and is your destination if you want the Sun Pumpkin.

To get to the Sun Pumpkin, you’ll first have to complete the quests related to The Mayoral Election in Hateno Village. These quests include:


Once you complete all the side quests along with The Mayoral Election quest, you’ll finally be able to find Sun Pumpkins in Tears of the Kingdom.

However, before you can get your hands on these Pumpkins, you must first complete a side quest called Homegrown in Hateno as well. This quest rewards players with five Sun Pumpkins. Moreover, Sun Pumpkins are also unlocked in the Hateno’s General Store after completing this quest.

Homegrown in Hateno Quest in Tears of the Kingdom

Once you have completed the Mayoral Election, it’s time to unlock the Sun Pumpkin. To commence the Homegrown in Hateno side quest, you must find Mayor Reede and speak to him. You’ll find him near a vegetable field near the village’s west border.

On conversing with Reede, he’ll inform you that his fields are attacked by monsters that appear at night and disappear as the sun rises. He’ll request you to help defend the fields at night. As the night approaches, the monsters will come lurking to destroy the crops.

You must defend the field as you face multiple waves of monsters. These Skeleton Monsters aren’t difficult to defeat, but there are always too many, so you’ll have to move quickly. Moreover, the skeletons can reassemble until you destroy their heads. As you fight the monsters, you must also ensure Reede stays safe, as too much damage can cause a failed attempt in this quest.

After surviving the night and protecting the Fields, the sun will rise, and the monsters will disappear. The next day, Reede will show you his new crop, The Sun Pumpkin, and reward you with five of them.

Farming Sun Pumpkins in Uma’s Garden

After you receive the Sun Pumpkins from Reede, make sure to save one and take it to Uma’s Garden in Hateno Village. You can use this garden to grow your own Pumpkins with Uma’s help. This will allow you to yield up to 9 Sun Pumpkins per harvest.

Purchase Sun Pumpkins from East Winds General Goods Store

Completing the Homegrown in Hateno side quest also unlocks the Sun Pumpkin for purchase at the East Winds General Goods Store. They will be up for sale for 20 Rupees throughout the rest of your Tears of the Kingdom journey.

You can reach this shop by launching yourself from the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower. Paraglide in the northeast direction from here.

How to use Sun Pumpkins in Zelda: TotK

Sun Pumpkin in Zelda: TotK is a great ingredient to add to your cooking recipes as it has a Gloom Recovery effect. After consuming the pumpkin, your gloom-damaged heart containers will be restored. Moreover, these pumpkins also heal Link and are very useful under these circumstances.

These gloom recovery dishes are pretty useful in locations such as The Depth. You can also use Sun Pumpkins to dye your armor green in the Kochi Dye Shop located in Hateno village.

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