Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Team Cece or Team Reede Walkthrough

Deliver some Hylian Mushrooms to win over the villagers for Team Cece.

Team Cece or Team Reede is an important side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that determines the fate of Hateno Village. This quest is a prelude to the Mayoral Election quest, which will unlock a plethora of activities in the village.

Team Cece or Team Reede quest involves finding Team Reede supporters and swaying them in favor of Cece by bribing them with Hylian Shrooms. However, locating these villagers is a bit of a difficult task.

In this guide, we will help you start this quest and complete it as soon as possible.

How to start Team Cece or Team Reede in Zelda: TotK

To start Team Cece or Team Reede side quest, you need to talk to Cece (3354, -2125, 0121) inside the Ventest Clothing shop. This shop is located on the main road of Hateno Town, opposite Kochi’s Dye Shop.

Once you talk to Cece, she will ask you which team you are rooting for. Select “Team Cece, obviously” as the correct answer. After listening to your answer, Cece will give you 8x Hylian Shrooms and ask you to give them to Reede’s supporters.

This will officially start the Team Cece or Team Reede side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Villagers Locations in Hateno Village

To complete Team Cece or Team Reede’s side quest, you need to find eight Reede supporters and hand over the Hylian Mushrooms to them. This is a challenging task if you decide to go in blind without prior knowledge.


We have a detailed map with locations marked for all eight villagers you need to find.

Below are two tips that will make your life easy if you do the quest without help.

  • Team Reede supporters can be located by their appearance and plain clothes. Unlike Cece supporters, they won’t be wearing any mushroom hats.
  • Finding Reede supporters during the daytime is easier as most of them go to bed around 8 pm. You can use the inn or any campfire to skip the time to morning.
  • Most of the people supporting Reede are old people.

Below is a list of all eight villagers and instructions on how to find them in Hateno Village.

1. Leop: Go out of Cece’s Shop (Ventest clothing) and immediately turn right. Go down the well-trodden path to locate an old villager standing beneath a huge mushroom and eating some fruit.

This man is known as Leop (3325, -2155, 0111). Talk to him and offer him a Hylian Mushroom.

2. Tamana: From Leop’s location, turn back and go left to find a small patch of land with carrots planted in it. Cross the garden and immediately turn right, hugging the cliff’s wall.

Drop down to locate Tamana (3342, -2079, 0110) cleaning the stables. Offer her a Hylian Shroom to progress Team Cece or Team Reede’s side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

3. Uma: From Tamana’s location, go straight and climb the wall near the tree. You will come upon an empty piece of land with Uma (3343, -2036, 0117) working on it.

Talk to her and hand over a Hylian Mushroom to earn Uma’s favor.

4. Medda: From Uma’s location, turn right and go past the village well. Keep going straight until you come across a small pond.

Turn to its right and enter the Hylian Tomatoes field to locate Medda (3380, -2090, 0120). He will be busy tending his garden. Offer him a Hylian Shroom so he can vote for Cece later.

5. Worten: From Medda’s location, turn left and cross the small bridge over the pond. Turn right until you reach a Cece supporter. From there, take a left turn and keep going straight until you notice a lot of blue banners.

Climb the few steps of stairs and turn right to locate Worten (3463, -2115, 0125) standing on a porch. Talk to him and offer him a Hylian Shroom to change his loyalty towards Cece.

6. Dantz: From Worten’s location, turn left (where the banners are) and cross a wooden bridge. Climb the well-trodden path and turn left at its end to keep going up. This path leads to Hateno Village Research Lab.

You will notice a Cece supporter sitting beneath an apple tree. Ignore him and keep going up. Turn right and take a left when you see a sign at the crossroads.

Go up to reach Hateno Pastures. Talk to Dantz (3618, -2089, 0177), who is standing near cows, to offer him a Hylian Mushroom. Talking to him will also unlock Dantz’s Prize Cows.

7. Koyin: From Dantz’s location, go straight and pass the cows to locate a young girl standing on the lake’s shore. She looks visibly distressed about something.

Her name is Koyin (3629, -2046, 0178), and you can offer a Hylian Mushroom. Talking to her will also unlock A Letter to Koyin‘s side quest.

8. Tokk: From Koyin’s location, turn back and go across the pastures to reach the road once more. Go to the opposite side of Hateno Pasture and keep going up the well-trodden path until you reach another crossroads.

Take a left turn and keep going up to reach Hateno Village Research Lab. You will notice an old man, Tokk, standing near a fast travel point (3783, -2107, 0250). Talk to him and offer him a Hylian Shroom.


If you have previously unlocked the lab, you can immediately fast-travel to this point instead of suffering the long trek.

Return to Cece to her clothing shop to report your progress. This will complete Team Cece or Team side quest in Zelda: tears of the Kingdom and set the future events in motion.

Quest Reward

Cece will be highly pleased with your progress and will reward you with a Big Hearty Truffle. However, she still won’t let you have Cece’s Hat or stock any armor pieces yet.

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