Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom New Signature Food Walkthrough

In the "New Signature Food" side adventure, you help Reede make his grandfather's dish in Tears of the Kingdom.

Doing little chores for the NPC is the main theme of side adventures in Tears of the Kingdom. In A New Signature Food side adventure, you will help Reede make a signature dish that his grandfather made with another villager.

During the quest, you will ask Koyin to help find the recipe for the dish. Read the guide below to find out the secret ingredient needed to complete the A New Signature Food side adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to start New Signature Food in Zelda: TotK

Before you are able to start A New Signature Food side adventure in Tears of the Kingdom, you first need to start a side adventure named Team Cece or Team Reede. Within this, you will have a conversation with Cece and Reede in the Ventest Clothing.

Once this is done, you need to make your way to the Reede’s House located in the northeast part of Hateno Village. Once he gets inside his house, you then need to again start the conversation with him.

At the end of the conversation, he will ask you to find ingredients that his Grandfather used to make a dish. The side adventure will begin as Reede ask you to look for the ingredient for the new signature dish.

How to complete A New Signature Food in Zelda: TotK

The quest starts off with the conversation with Reede stating that you need to find the recipe of his grandfather. He also states that the dish has a creamy and melty texture.


Head to the Lake Sumac and Start A Letter to Koyin

After taking the clues about the recipe, you need to head towards the Hateno Pasture located east of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

The farm has a lake on the east end and here, you will come across Koyin; the daughter of Dantz. You then need to start the conversation with Koyin. Doing so will start another side A Letter to Koyin.

Grab the Message Botte from the Lake Sumac

For the A Letter to Koyin side adventure, you need to recover the Message Bottle from the lake using the Ultrahand Ability. The bottle will be out of range for the Ultrahand so you have to make a raft to reach further.

After creating the platform on the lake, use it to travel further into the lake. Once this is done, the bottle will be within reach of Ultrahand. Use it to get it out of the water and place it near the Koyin.

Take Clues from the Message Bottle.

Koyin will open the Bottle and read the message which has the recipe for the dish Reede was talking about. After getting the clue from the bottle, she will ask you to follow her to the house so that we can make the new signature product right away.

The side adventure A Letter to Koyin will finish once you follow her to the house. As for the recipe, she will trade you Hateno Cheese for the Fresh Milk.

Deliver Hateno Cheese to Reede

Now that you have the secret ingredients for the Reede grandfather recipe, you need to head back to Reede in the village. Once there, you need to hand over the Hateno Cheese that you got from the Hateno Pasture.

The cheese delivered to the Reede will be enough to make the new signature food. At the same time, it will complete the A New Signature Food side adventure.

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