Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Manny’s Beloved Walkthrough 

In Manny's Beloved quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you have the chance to help love blossom in Hyrule. Here is how you can help do so!

‘Manny’s Beloved’ is a fun and relaxing side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in which you have to help a guy impress his crush. The guy in question is Manny, a resident of Hateno Village. He fancies Miss Ivee, a resident of the same village, who helps tourists.

Manny is really shy and cannot muster up the courage to talk to Miss Ivee himself, so now it is upon Link to help him. You will aid him in impressing his crush by finding out what she likes and then bringing these things to him.

In return, Manny will reward you with a special kind of fungus that will increase your speed upon consumption. So if you want to help a romance take off in Hyrule then this guide will explain how to do that.

How to start Manny’s Beloved in Zelda: TotK 

Manny is the quest giver for the ‘Manny’s Beloved’ side quest, hence the name of the quest. You will find him outside the Armor Shop in Hateno Village east of the Ginner Woods of Necluda region. You can narrow down your search by visiting the coordinates 3377, -2140, and 0120.  

The exact spot from where you get the ‘Manny’s Beloved’ side quest is marked on the map below.  

Manny's Beloved quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

How to complete Manny’s Beloved in Zelda: TotK

After finding Manny in Hateno Village, you have to talk to him to get the side quest. After that, follow the steps mentioned below in order to complete it.  


Converse with Manny 

Outside the Armor Shop, you will find Manny humming a song while standing behind a pillar. He will be looking in the direction of Miss Ivee. Strike up a conversation with him and he will tell you that a mutual friend likes Miss Ivee but that is a lie.

Manny himself has a crush on her. But considering his timid nature, he cannot simply go and talk to her or tell you about it. He will then task you with finding out what she likes and this will begin the ‘Manny’s Beloved’ side quest. 

Converse with Miss Ivee 

Right across from where Manny was standing, you will see the East Wind General Store of Hateno Village.

Outside of this location will be Ivee who is busy cleaning with her broom. Go talk to her and she will start telling you about the shops in Hateno Village and how they are drawing in many tourists.  

After she is done speaking, you can ask her what she likes. She will give a strange reply that a hundred Hot-Footed Frogs will make her very happy.  

Go back to Manny 

Now that you have found out what she likes, you can go to Manny and tell him her strange wish.  

Once you tell Manny about the frogs, he will tell you that it makes sense due to Ivee’s love for animals. and then he will proceed to ask for your help in finding 10 Hot-Footed Frogs to impress Miss Ivee.  

Find the Hot-Footed Frogs 

As Manny will tell you, Hot-Footed Frogs mostly inhabit moist places such as wells and caves so you will need to locate such a place to find the frogs.  

The best way to locate the Hot-Footed Frogs is to head towards the nearby Hateno Village South Well directly South of where you talked to Manny.  

Once you find the well, look for the few Hot-Footed Frogs hopping outside the well and collect them. Enter the well and you will find several more.

Take the frogs till you have 10 of them and then use the Ascend ability to get out of the well. 

Give the Hot-Footed Frogs to Manny 

Now all that is left is to go back to Manny and hand him the frogs you just caught from the well. Manny will be present at the same location where you talked to him before.  

You can give him the frogs and he will give you the reward he promised. This will be a bundle of ten Rushrooms that can be used to increase your speed. That is all you have to do as this will end the ‘Manny’s Beloved’ side quest.  

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