Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Reede’s Secret Walkthrough 

The Reede's Secret side adventure in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has Link turn private investigator for a wife. Read to learn how to do it!

‘Reede’s Secret’ is a side adventure in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in which you have to help Reede’s wife uncover his secret. You’ll be doing some by snooping around and getting to the bottom of the matter.  

Clavia is Reede’s wife who has been suspicious about her husband’s whereabouts. He has locked himself in his shed every night and when inquired, tells that it is a secret.

Now it is upon you to help Clavia uncover Reede’s secret and earn ten Hylian Tomatoes as a reward. But before getting to the reward, let us look into how to unlock this side adventure.

How to unlock Reede’s Secret in Zelda: TotK 

To unlock ‘Reede’s Secret’, you need to make sure that you have completed the Team Cece or Team Reede side adventure that also takes place in Hateno Village.  

Head over to Redee’s house in Hateno Village. This will be South of the Zelkoa Pond and near The Great Ton Pu Inn. You can also fast travel there through Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower or the Zanmik Shrine both of which are located nearby.  

The exact location is mentioned on the map below and the rough coordinates for Reede’s house are 3419, -2105, and 0127.  

Reede's Secret quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

How to complete Reede’s Secret in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

After you are able to locate Reede’s house, enter it to find Clavia there waiting for you. Follow these steps to complete this side adventure. 

Talk to Clavia 

Go to Clavia and strike up a conversation with her. She will tell you that she is worried about her husband. Her husband, Reede, has been locking himself in his shed all the time and won’t tell her why.  

Clavia tells you that she does not like snooping on her husband and she would get caught anyway. So the burden falls on you to investigate.

You will have to read Reede’s journal to find his secret. She will tell you that Reede keeps his shed locked so you will have to find another way to enter it.  

Read Reede’s Journal 

Now you have to find a way into the shed which is pretty easy. Exit Reede’s house and turn back around the corner till you see a well. This is the Hateno Village North Well of East Necluda. This goes directly under Reede’s house.  

Continue forward through the well till you reach a location from where you can go up to Reede’s room. Use the Ascend ability and it will lead you into Reede’s room. Look for Reede’s journal on the table right next to the lantern and read it.

It will say that Reede has been working with Nack to develop a new variety of pumpkins that will resonate with the youth. The appearance of this pumpkin will be based on Cece’s brand aesthetic and the youth is going to love it.  

Report back to Clavia

After you have read the journal, exit the shed by the door on your left. Turn around the house to go to the main door and enter it to find Clavia.

Talk to Clavia and tell her about the contents of the journal. After acquiring the information, she will piece everything together and then thank you.

As a thanking gift for your services, she will offer you ten Hylian Tomatoes. These are great ingredients to use while cooking due to their heart-replenishing abilities.  

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