Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom The Mayoral Election Walkthrough

The upcoming elections of Hateno Village will finally conclude in the Mayoral Election in Tears of the Kingdom.

“The Mayoral Election” is a multi-part side adventure in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that finally concludes an ongoing conflict between Cece, the town’s mayor, and Reede, the local fashionista.

Both of them have their own point of view on how Hateno Village should be run. However, only one of them can win the elections to lead the village their own way.

Here is how to easily complete the Mayoral Elections in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to unlock Mayoral Election in Zelda: TotK

You have to complete several prerequisite side adventures in the Hatenvo Village questline in order to unlock the Mayoral Election quest in Tears of the Kingdom.

It begins with Team Cece or Team Reede in which you have to distribute 8x Hylian Shrooms given by Cece. You have to give them to the eight NPCs so they can be influenced to vote for her in the election.

Following that is A New Signature Food in which you have to help Reede with her special recipe which is important for the village.


The next side adventure you must complete is going to be A letter to Koyin in which Koyin will ask you for your help. You must find a way to pull a bottle with a letter from the lake in Hateno Pasture.

In Cece’s Secret, Sophie will want to know where Cece goes every night as she is upset about the suspicious activity of her sister which might affect the fair voting in the election.

Finally, Reede’s Secret will see you bring traditional customs to Hateno village. Clavia, the wife of Reede, wants to know what Reede does in the shed. You will get know the information from a diary once you get in the shed and go back to Clavia to tell a secret.

Once you have completed all of the aforementioned quests, it is time to start the Mayoral Election in Tears of the Kingdom. Head to Cece’s Shop in the western part of Hateno Village to find both Cece and Reede having a heated discussion about the upcoming elections.

Listen to them speak to start the side adventure.

Mayoral Election quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

How to complete Mayoral Election in Zelda: TotK

To complete this side adventure of the Mayoral Election in Tears of the Kingdom, you need to converse with Sophie. You can find her as usual outside of Cece’s shop. Just make sure that the timings should be in the daytime and the weather should be clear, so the election can be initiated.

The conclusion of the election is that nobody will be solely nominated and all of the people living in the village will collaborate to flourish the Hateno Village.

Once the election has concluded, you have to go back to the Clothing store to speak with Cece at the coordinates of 3354, -2125, 0121.

Cece will be glad as you helped by unifying the village for development and advancement, and will give the reward in the form of an ultra-stylish, precious, and rare gift, Cece’s Hat which is a small part of the headgear.

Previously, Cece’s shop was dealing in fashionable clothing, as of now, not only she sells armor but various copies of armor. You are now able to have multiple copies of the armor that you already possess. These copies of armor can be colored just by visiting Hateno where you will find the dye shop.

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