Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom A New Champion’s Tunic Walkthrough

Let's locate a new champion's tunic for the hero of Hyrule.

A New Champion’s Tunic is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that starts in Hateno Village and ends in Hyrule Castle. There are a lot of easter eggs in the game, and Champion’s Leather is one of them, returning from the previous entry.

In this guide, we will tell you how to start A New Champion’s Tunic side quest in the game and complete the puzzle to locate one of the best armors.

Find Zelda’s Secret Well

To begin the A New Champion’s Tunic side quest, you need to read Zelda’s Journal that she left behind in her secret well.

This well is in the Hateno Village of East Necluda region. The nearest shrine to this village is the Zanmik Shrine, and if you have unlocked it, you can fast-travel there and reach Hateno Village instantly.

To reach Zelda’s Secret Well, travel to Firly Pond southwest of Hateno Village. Cross the bridge to locate Zelda and Link’s house south of Firly Pond. Go to the back of the house to locate the well (3301, -2297, 0130).

Jump down this well, and you will find Zelda’s diary here lying on the wooden table. The diary will tell you about a leather armor that Zelda hid in Hyrule Castle. This will begin the A New Champion’s Tunic side quest in the game.

Solve the Torches Puzzle in Hyrule Castle

Zelda’s diary has informed you of the coveted tunic being in Hyrule Castle, so this is where you must head next.

You can reach Hyrule Castle by paragliding north from the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. Just make sure that you have enough stamina before beginning this journey. Keep stamina elixirs and foods close at hand in case your stamina wheel runs out.


You will need Tulin’s Gust ability to make this journey.

As the journal mentioned, the tunic is in the throne room of Hyrule Castle, which is easy to find. Enter the castle by heading straight, and you will be led into the Sanctum (-0253, 1036, 0939), where the throne room is.

You will see a grand staircase leading to the throne from both sides. Climb the stairs from either of the two sides, and you will notice red smoke near the throne.

Now, you must solve the torch puzzle that Zelda’s journal mentioned earlier. It is straightforward, as you must light the two torches in front of the throne on both sides.

You can throw firefruits on them or use Fire Arrows. Any weapon fused with Ruby or Fire Lizalfos Horn is another viable option.

Lighting the torches will trigger a hidden mechanism to move the statue to the right. Head over there, and you will find a chest inside the sarcophagus.

Quest Reward

You can now loot the chest to get your Champion’s Leather Tunic. This will end the A New Champion’s Tunic side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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