Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – Crisis At Hyrule Castle Walkthrough

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Crisis at Hyrule Castle is a MEGA quest that will have you running all across the map. Here is how to do it!

“Crisis at Hyrule Castle” is the second story questline that you have to complete in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

It is also a massive one, comprising several sub-quests that further have quests of their own. You will be at it for a long time and there is much to do. But in the end, you will be much closer to finding Princess Zelda.

You see that Castle Hyrule has risen from the Earth and is floating in the air. Link is then informed by Purah that Princess Zelda may have possibly called out from inside the Earth. You will then have an opportunity to join the search for Zelda which then gets the ball rolling.

The quest begins automatically after having a chat with Purah once you touchdown in the main Hyrule. To help you in your endeavor, we have made a comprehensive guide you can follow.

Crisis at Hyrule Castle – how to complete all objectives

The quest begins automatically once you finish To The Kingdom of Hyrule and meet Purah at Lookout Landing in Tears of the Kingdom.

You will spend a few minutes catching up and then she sends you to Hyrule Castle to join a search party. This sends you on a wild goose chase across Hyrule as you solve different problems and recruit your companions.

Below is a breakdown of what you need to do:

Find Captain Hoz

The first order of business to fend off the Crisis at Hyrule Castle is to find Captain Hoz in Tears of the Kingdom.

He is the leader of the search party who is leading the investigation into what’s happened. He can be found at Hyrule Castle, North of the Lookout Landing. You will also find the Kyononis Shrine on the way.

Unfortunately, the gate will be closed when you arrive. There is a way to bypass it by dropping off to the ledge on the right.

Talk to the guard and then make your way to the guard house. Stand below the arch and then use Ascend to rise up and appear on the other side. Find the guard with a red feather in his hat; that is Captain Hoz.

Get back to Purah and get some sleep

Next, you need to get back to Purah with the information the good Captain gives you. Simply retrace your steps back and you will Purah at the Lookout Landing.

Purah wants more map data which can be done via the Skyview Tower. Unfortunately, it is in a state of disrepair and will need some time to get fixed. She tells you to go to the Emergency Shelter and get some rest. Speak to the guard in the middle of town who will unlock the shelter.

Drop down the hole in the middle of Lookout Landing and interact with the bed on the inside. Sleep till morning to complete the objective. There is an angel statue here that you can use to trade your Lights of Blessing and get more health.

Interact with the Skyview Tower

After getting some much-needed rest, you need to meet Purah again. You will find her on top of the tower.

See that orange terminal inside? You have to just interact with it to activate the tower. In doing so, you will also activate the various other Skyview Towers across the land. But you’ll still need to interact with their consoles to reveal the map and unlock them as fast travel points.

A blue elevator will activate next and Purah will give you your paraglider. Using this, you can safely land on the ground. Use the blue elevator to be launched up in the sky and then glide back to Lookout Landing. Once you do, talk to Purah and she will give you another huge quest named Regional Phenomena.

Complete Camera Work in the Depths

Before you go and do the Regional Phenomena quest, you need to do the Camera Work in the Depths quest. To get it, you need to find Robbie at the North gate of the town. Speak with him to get the quest, then go to the giant hole in the ground South of Lookout Landing.

Down in the depths, you will need to find Robbie. The problem is, it is extremely dark. You will need to use Brightbloom Seeds to illuminate the path ahead and activate Lightroots.

Lightroots light up the place and provide fast-travel facilities. You will need to find Robbie and then take a picture of the statue close to him. This will complete the quest. Refer to our guide on the Camera Work in the Depths quest to know more.

Finish Regional Phenomena

After taking a slight detour and completing the Camera Work in the Depths quest, it is time to get into the meat and potatoes of the main story.

Purah gives you the Regional Phenomena quest, which is another giant quest that will have you go all over the map. The goal is to visit the Rito Village, Goron City, Zora City, and Gerudo Town and solve the various problems there.

In return, you will recruit allies and have access to their powers. These characters will also act as sages which have a role in the ending. The characters are Tulin of the Rito Village, Yunobo of Goron City, Sidon of the Zora, and Riju of the Gerudo.

Read our detailed guide to know how to complete these quests and, in turn, complete Regional Phenomena.

Return to Hyrule Castle

It is now time to return to Purah. She then sends to Hyrule Castle once more. You have been there before so this part should be no problem for you. Once you arrive, look for the station where you can find some building materials.

You need to make a hot air balloon. Take the Wooden Boards and attach the Flame Emitter to the middle of it. Then take the Balloon and put it on top of the Emitter.

Take the Battery and attach it to the side of the board. Then get on it, hit the emitter to activate it, and ride it all the way to the top. Once you get there, jump off and glide the way to the castle.

Activate the Serutabomac Shrine and create a fast-travel point. Proceed to the quest marker to look for Princess Zelda. She won’t be there and in fact, won’t appear for quite some time.

All of her appearances here in this section are traps where you will need to defeat enemies. Simply follow the markers and use the Sages to defeat the enemies. Eventually, you’ll enter the castle through the front entrance and now it is time for a boss fight.

Fight Phantom Ganon

You will face 5 phantoms simultaneously in the Phantom Ganon boss fight. But not to worry, you have your Sages with you so this is an even fight.

The strategy here is simple. Use the Sages to distract a phantom and attack him from behind. Rinse and repeat for all phantoms until they die.

You need to ensure that you have lots of healing items, items that heal gloom, and most importantly weapons that deal a TON of damage. Read our detailed guide on this boss fight if you are struggling.

Eventually, the fight will end with you victorious. Pick up the heart container and now it is time to get back to Purah.

Meet Purah

Fast-travel back to Lookout Landing using the Skyview Tower. Find Purah there and report back to her. She will then send you on another giant quest to find the 5th Sage.

At this point, you are close to finishing the “Crisis at Hyrule Castle” questline in Tears of the Kingdom.

Locate the Fifth Sage

This is another huge quest that will have you doing multiple other quests as a part of it. You will need to get to the “Ruins from the Age of Legends” and then complete the quests Secret of the Ring Ruins and Guidance from Ages Past.

Much of this quest is roaming, a bit of chatting, and some puzzle-solving. You can read our detailed article on it to know how it’s done.

Once you complete the quest, you will return back to Purah and this will conclude Crisis at Hyrule Castle.

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