Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – Camera Work In The Depths Quest Guide

The Camera Work in the Depths quest begins after you meet Purah following Crisis at Hyrule Castle in Tears of the Kingdom.

Get ready to take some pictures because the ‘Camera Work in the Depths’ side quest is going to task you to use your camera in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The purpose of this side quest is to give you the use of your camera and the Hyrule Compendium. You will need to work in the dark underground and collect photographic evidence for Josha.

Camera Work in the Depths is going to be available after you complete Crisis at Hyrule Castle. Return to Lookout Landing and meet Purah and Josha.

Josha will then take you to Robbie who will accompany you on your camera work in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to start ‘Camera Work in the Depths’

The Camera Work in the Depths quest begins after you meet Purah following Crisis at Hyrule Castle. Josha will be present as you do and take you to Robbie where you will get the quest.

Camera Work in the Depths takes place due south of Lookout Landing. The exact location of it is marked on the map above and you will get a marker for it in Tears of the Kingdom.

So just follow it and you will arrive at Hyrule Field Chasm which is basically a giant chasm in the ground. Jump in and dive to get to the bottom and make sure to paraglide as you get close to the bottom to land safely.

Activate the Lightroot

Even though Robbie told you to meet him in the depths, he wouldn’t be there. You’ll need to find him.

You will have a few Brightbloom Seeds with you so go ahead equip them and throw them. When you do so, they will glow and emit light. This will help you see in the dark.

In the dark, look for the faint sources of light. These will be Lightroots, a new mechanic that works in the depths. Activate them and they will light up the surrounding areas and can be used as a fast travel point.

The game will direct you toward your first lightroot called the Nisoij Lightroot. Interact with it to light up the surrounding area. You can also find a desk nearby with Robbie’s notes on it.

Find Robbie

Once the lightroot is activated, you need to head West to a small camp. There will be more notes here that you can read.

You now need to make your way west from this camp to find another lightroot. Make sure to use Brightblood Seeds to light the way as you move forward. You are going to come across the Layusus Lightroot and next to the campfire will be none other than Robbie.

Talk to him and go through his dialogue options. When that’s done, go and activate the lightroot to illuminate the surrounding areas. Once that’s done, talk to Robbie again who will be delighted with the development.

Next, take out your camera and take a picture of the statue with the raised arm. Save it and return to Lookout Landing via fast travel.

Meet Josha

Once you arrive back at Lookout Landing, find Josha again and meet her. She will be delighted to know that the picture you took was exactly she was looking for. She will thank you and reward you with some Zonaite.

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