How To Defeat Phantom Ganon Boss In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

One of the bosses in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Phantom Ganon, is quite a nuisance as it makes full...

One of the bosses in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Phantom Ganon, is quite a nuisance as it makes full use of the new Gloom status effect to deplete Link’s health. The Phantom Ganon is a projection of Ganondorf and you will need to fight three different types of Phantom Ganons along with the one that has a Gloom Pool around him.

Gloom Pool depletes your health as if you are standing in lava. In the guide below we have explained all the types of Phantom Ganons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and the best strategy to use against them.

Whenever you kill a pair of Gloom Hands, they end up spawning Phantom Ganon. You will most likely encounter the boss for the first time when trying to get the Master Sword in Zelda TotK.

Types of Phantom Ganon in Zelda TotK

There are three types of Phantom Ganon in Zelda TotK. Defeating different Phantom Ganon will reward you with a different main weapon. Firstly, Sword Phantom Ganon, as the name suggests, this Phantom Ganon in Zelda TotK uses a sword as his main weapon and upon defeating him, you will receive a Gloom Sword.

The second type is the Spear Phantom Ganon which uses a spear to attack and defeating him will grant you a Gloom Spear.

The third and last type is the Club Phantom Ganon and you guessed it right, uses a Club as his main weapon. Defeating him will grant you a Gloom Club. All of these Phantom Ganons in Zelda TotK also reward you with the Demon King’s Bow.

How to defeat Phantom Ganon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to defeat Phantom Ganon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

There are two waves in this fight, during wave one you will have to face 5 Phantom Ganons at the same time and all of those will be Sword Phantom Ganons and during wave two all three types of phantom ganons will appear at the same time with 3 of them being the Sword Phantom Ganon. So, remember to summon the sages to aid you.

The best strategy to defeat the Sword Phantom Ganon is to block and parry his attacks by timing your jump when he swings his sword and doing so will give you an opportunity to perform a flurry rush to deal serious damage.

Sword Phantom Ganon has three types of attacks, the first two are; right slice and running slash, both of these attacks can be dodged and parried. However, the third attack, the double slash, in which the Phantom Ganon in Zelda TotK swings his sword twice, is the one to look out for since it needs precise timing to perform a parry or dodge.

If you are not a fan of close combat then you can also use the strategy of firefruit bombs by staying at a safe distance and firing arrows with firefruit attached to them. This will create explosions upon contact. Remember firefruit will always deal more damage than other fruits.

Rinse and repeat until you defeat the Sword Phantom Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom.

Once the first wave is done, the second wave will start and this time all three types will start attacking you but the most dangerous part is the Gloom Pool. You will notice a red liquid spreading through the whole hall, take the stairs on the left and keep on hitting arrows to the one controlling it. Make sure you hit the arrows on his head to deal maximum damage.

Once, the Pool Phantom is dead, now’s your chance to kill all the remaining Phantom Ganons in Zelda TotK.

The Spear Phantom Ganon is the easiest to defeat since the best strategy is to keep moving in a circle until he attacks and when he finishes his attack and becomes stationary for a moment or two, that is your time to strike.

Lastly, the Club Phantom Ganon is harder than the other two due to his ground-pound and swing attacks. If you are not good at dodging then using firefruit arrows will be your best bet in defeating the Club Phantom Ganon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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