Remnant 2 Medic/Handler Build Guide

Having a strong medic in your team in Remnant 2 will allow you to take on bosses with ease which is where our Medic/Handler build comes in...

Tired of running out of Relics to heal yourself? Or maybe your friends have designated you with the task of keeping the party alive? Well, whatever the case may be, the Medic class in Remnant 2 is an extremely useful one, especially in co-op. However, you can’t just pick the Medic archetype and hope to survive. Without the correct Medic build in Remnant 2, those healing abilities and buffs are still going to waste.

For that very reason, we have crafted a hybrid healer, the Remnant 2 Medic/Handler build to make the best of both archetypes. The Handler archetype will prove extremely useful here thanks to the dog companion.

Remnant 2 Medic/Handler Trauma Team build

First things first, while the name might suggest otherwise, the Handler archetype is going to be your primary class for the Handler/Medic build in Remnant 2. Without it as the primary class, the dog will not be able to revive players.

Best Archetype Combo

Below we have mentioned the archetypes for the build as well as the skills you mainly need from each archetype

Primary Archetype: Handler – Supporting Dog (prime perk)

Secondary Archetype: Medic – Healing Shield (level 5 skill)


While we have recommended the Healing Shield skill, if you are playing solo it would be better to switch it with Wellspring. Healing Shield is good for co-op due to AoE healing but has a massive cooldown. With Wellspring, you don’t have to worry about the small healing radius and use the skill 30s sooner than Healing Shield.

With Handler as the main class, it will allow your dog to not only revive you but you can also send it to revive allies (if they have a Relic charge in inventory) while you aggro the enemies away from allies.

Healing Shield on the other hand provides nearby allies with a shield that is the equivalent of 100% of their health. While shielded, allies also regenerate a portion of their health.


A good rule of thumb is to have one fast-firing but low-damage weapon along with one slow but high-damage weapon. Since our secondary weapon (Handgun) choice for Remnant 2 Medic/Handler hybrid build is a slow weapon and extremely crucial to this build, you can go with any Long Gun with a high rate of fire.

Do keep in mind not to pick a unique weapon that has a locked mod slot. A simply common Long Gun would be ideal. Might we suggest the Chicago Typewriter?

Long Gun: any (with Healing Shot mod)

Handgun: Rune Pistol. Use Decrepit Rune at Nimue to craft and comes equipped with Soul Brand mod.

Melee Weapon: Red Doe Staff. Craft using Doe’s Antler at McCabe’s shop and comes equipped with Lifeline mod.

As you can see above, two of our weapons are unique items that have locked mod slots, pre equipped with the weapon mods we need. Doe’s Antler is found on Yaesha after killing The Ravager. For Decrepit Rune you need to trade Ravenous Medallion at Nightweaver’s Web on Losomn.

Both these weapons have mods that aid in your healing. Soul Brand on Rune Pistol marks enemies and when they die, they leave behind Echos that can heal players. After dealing 250 damage from the Red Doe Staff, the next charge attack sends a spectral Doe forward, dealing damage to enemies or healing allies in its path.

The Healing Shot mod is straightforward and available from the start. It allows you to fire up to 2 healing grenades that heal allies on impact. They can also be fired on the ground where they stay for a short while until allies walk over them and get healed.


Basically, any trait that improves healing or health regen and mod power is useful with the Medic/Handler support build in Remnant 2. From starting traits, we would recommend upgrading Vigor and Spirit. This will boost your personal health and mod power so you can survive longer and heal faster.

Other traits to use include

Siphoner: leeches life from enemies to heal you based on damage dealt

Expertise: reduces skill cooldown so you can use Archetype skills more rapidly.

Amplitude: increases the AoE of your healing skills and mods

Barkskin: The Barkskin trait reduces all incoming damage to you, improving survival

Revivalist: Increases the speed with which you can revive or are revived

Triage (Medic trait): Increases the healing done through any method.


We would recommend picking the Tranquil Heart as your Relic for Handler/Medic build in Remnant 2. Combined with our Amulet selection, the Tranquil Heart relic massively boosts health regeneration so you only have to heal manually when you are in dire need.

You can craft Tranquil Heart at Nimue by trading Tormented Heart. For the Tormented Heart itself, you need to exchange the Override Pin at Nightweaver’s Web.

For Relic Fragments, just pick any that boost healing or mod duration.


Starting with the Amulet, the perfect selection for the Medic build is to have Nimue’s Ribbon since it synergizes perfectly with Tranquil Heart. Nimue’s Ribbon improves healing from the Relic and grants Haste when used.

For rings, we recommend the following

Dense Silicon Ring: upon being healed, you generate mod power. Dense Silicon Ring is found in the Labyrinth

Ring of Grace: taking damage results in regenerating 10% health. Recover Dria’s Anklet and give it to Riewen to get the Ring of Grace on Losomn.

Fae Shaman Ring: increases Health Regen and Relic use speed, further improving Tranquil Heart. Found in Council Chamber on Losomn.

Black Pawn Stamp: reduces skill cooldown. Black Pawn Stamp can be found in Losomn.


Since the introduction of Relic Fragment system, armor doesn’t play too much of a role in Remnant 2. A healer needs to be agile so we would recommend wearing the armor that provides the highest amount of protection while also keeping you below 50 weight so your stamina penalty is at the lowest.

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