How To Get And Use Haste In Remnant 2?

Haste is an extremely valuable status effect in Remnant 2 allowing to dodge and roll quickly regardless of your weight.

Haste is an extremely valuable status effect you can equip onto your build to benefit from its buffs in Remnant 2. The primary purpose of this particular status effect is to enhance the speed at which you perform various actions for your archetype build.

These actions include shooting, reloading, melee attack speed, movements, cast spells, using relics, consumables, and your evasion speed in Remnant 2. So by increasing that movement speed factor, Haste can be a game changer for your endgame build.

Especially in those clutch situations, you must rush onto your enemies and take them over by surprise. This guide will discuss how the Haste status effects can benefit your build and how you can get this specific status effect.

How To Get Haste Buff In Remnant 2?

As mentioned above, the status effects for Haste are directly related to your movement speed, which can vary depending on your actions. So, to get haste, you can also use different in-game items.

These include Relics, Skills, Rings, and Amulets in Remnant 2. For example, taking the Berserker relic will grant you Haste, for a short period once you end up dodging the enemy attacks perfectly.

Similarly, the Death’s Embrace amulet grants you the haste status effect when your health exceeds 50 percent.

Looking at the rings, you will see some like Anastasija’s Inspiration. Whenever you heal, this will provide your class haste for ten seconds. This ultimately synergizes well with the healing relics as it allows you to maintain that speed boost for your character.

So, if you are only looking out for the Haste in Remnant 2, you should be mindful of choosing rings, amulets, and skills that can specifically provide this effect.

TypesGrant Haste status effect
ArchetypesHunter, Gunslinger, and Engineer
RelicsBerserker, Celerity, Frenzy, Accelerator, and Rush
SkillsFocus, Vigor, and Adrenaline
RingAnastasija’s Inspiration
AmuletDeath’s Embrace

How to use the Haste status effect?

Select a specific class for your character if you want to capitalize on the Haste status effect effectively. This can be the Hunter class, etc., as they are a little agile compared to the rest.

Moreover, spend your resources finding and equipping weapons with increased specs, such as quick fire rate and reload speed.

Haste is often a one-time skill due to its cooldown factor, so choose your moment wisely when using it, like when you are in an intense situation where you are low on health and need to deal with enemies.

Lastly, applying Haste with other skills, e.g., Adrenaline, etc., affects your movement speed by further amplifying it for your build. So, you will benefit more from these combined status effects. This way, you can easily dominate your fights in Remnant 2.

Tips to maximize haste duration

If you have experienced the Haste effect and need to maximize its status effects’ duration, you can select a class that adheres more to its effects. This way, you can move on to the weapon and gear(item) selection, which lists this status effect as a passive/active effect.

Furthermore, identifying the items containing haste is not as hard as you can spot the yellow icon. These will also have a lighting sign, so grab them when you see them.

Limitations and drawbacks

So after discussing the usefulness of this Status effect, it would only seem fair that we also share the Limitations and Drawbacks of Haste in Remnant 2.

Well, the only limitation you will face for using Haste is a cooldown. This means that you cannot rely on using this specific status effect repeatedly to dominate your fights; instead, you will have to take your chances with other effective strategies.

Moreover, with the added advantage of a movement speed boost, you also drastically lose stamina when you rely on the Haste status effect.

It is also essential to know that while you speed up your actions with Haste, you tend to generate some noise, which will alert the enemies in your surroundings. So, you will end up dealing with them because you are using Haste.

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