How To Get The Tranquil Heart In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, your healing is an important element in combat and Tranquil Heart will fulfil all your healing problems with double the rate.

Tranquil Heart is regarded as one of the best health regenerators in the Remnant 2 because it regenerates health and boosts other health generators. Losing a bit of health while roaming in the open world is normal. But Remnant 2 has specific items, such as Relics, that the players can consume to get back part of their health.

Just like everything has drawbacks, Tranquil Heart Relics also has a drawback: the health regeneration effects are time-limited. Your healing is essential in combat and should not be compromised whenever you set on a mission. So you should consider getting the Tranquil Heart.

How to get the Tormented Heart in Remnant 2

You can craft the Tranquil Heart from the NPC Merchant called Nimue. You can find her in Nimue’s Retreat. Crafting the Tranquil Heart only requires one item called the Tormented Heart, and that is where you have to put some struggle.

The first step you need to take is to travel to N’Erud and play the campaign in Seeker’s Rest. In Seeker’s Rest, reach the Timeless Horizon and find the Override Pin. You can get to the spot by following the objectives of the main mission.

Remember, after you have acquired the pin, don’t use the pin to fight the boss. Continue the campaign by following the main mission until you complete N’Erud and receive the Portal Key to reach Losomn in Remnant 2. After acquiring the Portal Key, you must travel to the Morrow Parish region.

This is important because if you don’t start from here, you must replay the whole campaign to get the item. After that, follow the main mission of Losomn, and you will reach the Torment Asylum. Here, you will trade the Override Pin with Tormented Heart.


How to craft Tranquil Heart

The next thing you get after getting your hands on the Tormented Heart is the Tranqil Heart Relic. For that, you must travel back to the Nimue, found within the Losum World.

Once at the Nimue’s Retreat, you can exchange the Tormented Heart with the Tranquil Heart in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Tranquil Heart uses and effects

A tranquil heart is used for Health Regeneration. If we talk specifics, you will get a 2HP boost in your health for every Tranquil Heart ingested. The following effect will last for 15 seconds.

The rate of health regeneration of Tranquil Heart is double if we compare its healing abilities to other consumables.

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