How To Unlock The Handler Archetype In Remnant 2

The Handler archetype is entirely built around your dog companion in Remnant 2. You get your own furry companion for co-op.

The Handler archetype is a pretty unique class to behold in Remnant 2. Unique in the sense that you get to bring your very own furry dog companion along for the adventure.

When you go down, your trusty companion is going to attempt to revive you. You also gain increased movement speed, as well as increased damage and range as long as you are near your dog.

The Handler archetype is entirely built around your dog companion. It is also one of the four starting archetypes in Remnant 2, meaning that you can choose the dog-accompanied class right after the tutorial ends.

Since you can only choose one of the four archetypes, you might want to unlock the Handler later on to equip dual archetypes. Thankfully, this is one of the classes that you can unlock early on in the game.

How to unlock the Handler archetype in Remnant 2

You need to craft the Silent Whistle Engram to unlock the Handler archetype in Remnant 2. This is a fairly easy task because its crafting materials can all be found inside Ward 13. You do not need to go on a long journey just for the sake of a single item as in the case of the Engineer archetype for example.

Here is what you are going to need to craft the Silent Whistle Engram:

  • Old Whistle
  • Lumenite Crystal x5
  • Scrap x 1,000

Scrap is quite easy to accumulate as they are dropped by enemies and additionally gained from defeating bosses. Lumenite Crystals can also be found easily from the same high-level enemies around Ward 13.

The only thing that you need to know how to get is the Old Whistle, a unique crafting material that is located in Ward 13 as well.

The Old Whistle location in Ward 13

You have to buy the Old Whistle from a merchant named Mudtooth in Remnant 2. Head to your base camp in Ward 13 and find two elderly men playing chess in a corner. The one on the left is Reggie while the one on the right, who will also be cooking some stew in a pot on the side, is Mudtooth.

However, he will not just sell you the Old Whistle just like that. Mudtooth likes to tell stories—a lot of stories. The first time you speak with him, ask him to tell you some stories. Listen patiently and then ask him to tell you some more. Keep listening until Mudtooth is finally ready to share his inventory with you.

Buying the Old Whistle is going to cost you 1500 Scrap.

Do note that unlocking almost every one of the archetypes in Remnant 2 requires you to spend at least 1500 Scrap at Mudtooth and 1000 Scrap at Wallace. So start saving early on because no one likes a broke traveler.

For what it is worth, Mudtooth will compensate you for your time if you take some time out to listen to all of his tales.

What to do with the Old Whistle in Remnant 2?

Once you have the Old Whistle in your inventory, it is time to craft the Silent Whistle Engram to unlock the Handler archetype in Remnant 2.

Head to Wallace, another merchant and a rather odd one at that, in Ward 13. If you are having trouble finding your way, take a right from Mudtooth to be greeted by a rusting old ship docked at the port.

Follow the ramp that leads to a couple of ladders and make your way along them ladders. At the very top, you will find Wallace in a little hut of sorts.

Speak with him to get the Silent Whistle Engram provided that you have enough Scrap and Lumenite Crystals on you.

That is it. Equip the Silent Whistle Engram to unlock the Handler archetype in Remnant 2. You can now select it as a secondary archetype for a multiclass build.

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