How To Get Override Pin In Remnant 2

The Override Pin is one of several special items in Remnant 2 that can be used before a boss fight to guarantee a unique crafting material.

Much like the Soulsborne genre it is based on, Remnant 2 doesn’t make its gameplay and boss encounters very straightforward. There are a lot of secrets for players to hunt down which can change how a boss fight goes or the rewards they get from it. The Override Pin in Remnant 2 is one of those secret “quest items” that can players can use to change how a boss fight plays out.

Remnant 2 Override Pin location

Override Pin is a special item in Remnant 2 and a required item to get one of the best weapons in the game. It needs to be used before a particular boss fight for this weapon-crafting material to drop. So while technically you can defeat the boss without Override Pin, we would recommend finding it to improve the loot quality.

The Override Pin in Remnant 2 is found on the world of N’Erud, specifically within the Timeless Horizon zone. Explore Timeless Horizon until you spot a large tower. Unlike other dungeon structures in the area, this tower doesn’t have a name so if your minimap still shows your location as Timeless Horizon, you are in the right place.

As you enter the tower, head to the very end and turn right. The first side corridor to your right has an elevator that you need to use. Get on the elevator. As soon as you get to the next floor, players can find a somewhat secret path to your right.

Remnant 2 Override Pin location

Follow this path and stick to your right and you will find yourself on another elevator. That this elevator up, and from the next short corridor, players need to that the third elevator on their way to Override Pin. This last elevator will take you down, and you will be directly in front of the Override Pin item.

How to use Override Pin in Remnant 2

Now that you have the Override Pin, the fun part begins. The Override Pin is actually used to change the loot dropped by the world boss of N’Erud. So to use Override Pin, you need to have all 3 Seeker’s Keys and unlocked access to Sentinel’s Keep.

Within Sentinel’s Keep, you will have to fight Sha’Hala Spectral Guardian of N’Erud. Before triggering the boss fight, you will come up on a console. There is a slot on the console where you can insert the Override Pin.

Remnant 2 Override Pin

Once the Override Pin is inserted, summon Sha’Hala and defeat the boss. Once the boss is defeated, you will get the crafting item Void Cinder. Void Cinder is a required item for crafting the long gun Aphelion.

The weapon comes equipped with the Supernova weapon mod. When used, Supernova hits enemies for 150 Fire damage and causes Burning for 10s to all nearby targets, dealing an increased 350 damage. But that’s not all, the projectile fired by Supernova mod can be further buffed by shooting it with bullets from Aphelion. This makes the explosion even more deadly by increasing damage and explosion radius.

For crafting Aphelion, players need to bring the following items to McCabe in Ward 13:

  • 1x Void Cinder
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal
  • 1000x Scraps

The Override pin has a secondary use as well. If you want to forego the Aphelion weapon, you can instead get a Tormented Heart. To do this, head over to the world of Losomn and make your way to the Tormented Asylum in the Morrow Parish area.

You essentially have to trigger the Nightweaver’s Web world event here. Which pits you against a rather difficult boss Once you’re finished with the boss fight in the area, sacrifice the Override pin to them, which will then give you the Tormented Heart Relic. This relic deals 240 explosive damage to all enemies within a 10-meter range. It also heals 25% of your health and gives you a 20% speed bonus.

How to fix Override Pin not Spawning bug in Remnant 2

In some instances, the Override Pin may not spawn for you. While this isn’t necessarily a bug, the spawning of the item is contingent upon certain steps. Make sure you always spawn in the area as part of the Seeker’s Rest questline where you kill Sha’hala.

If you’re in the area and the item does not spawn, simply, reroll and reset the world whilst making sure you’re meeting the criteria we’ve outlined above.

Also, it is important to note that if you pick up the Override Pin in the campaign, it will not transfer over to the adventure mode. Additionally, you can’t take it with you when you join another player’s world. So, the Override pin will disappear from your inventory when switching game modes.

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