Remnant 2 Healing Explained: How To Recover Health

The harsh and punishing gameplay of Remnant 2 makes healing an essential commodity because if you die, you will lose the progress.

Healing is a crucial factor for all RPG games. The harsh and punishing gameplay of Remnant 2 makes healing an essential commodity because if you die, you will lose the progress you made since the last checkpoint.

Our concise guide will help you with everything you need about healing in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Healing Explained

Remnant 2 gameplay is very punishing to the player. Along the progress, your health bar will decide your survival outcome. You will often get badly damaged and need to recover your health.

Remnant 2 however, offers players to recover the grey health with different options. While it will depend on the class, equipment, and items you use for health recovery, that grey health you lost during combat can be recovered.

While the game does not do a good job of providing you with information about how to heal and restore health, we are here to tell you some ways you can use to recover your lost health in Remnant 2.

Methods to heal and recover health in Remnant 2

If you want to heal yourself, follow any of the methods below.


Using the Dragon Heart Relic

The Dragon Heart is a relic in Remnant 2 that you will receive at the beginning of the game and helps in healing. This will be your first go-to item until you find some other sources.

The Dragon’s Heart will instantly heal 70HP when you activate it. But it only has three charges that you can use. However, you can recharge your Dragon’s Heart by resting at a checkpoint.

You can also increase its charges by visiting Wallace at Ward 13. You have to give him the following items to upgrade your Dragons Heart:

Keep a medic on your team

Keeping a medic on your team will be an excellent option for your health logistically. Although a medic has a very long cooldown, they can still be very useful and provide you with a source of HP when needed. You just need to use it at the right time.

Use the Endaira’s Endless Loop Ring

Remnant 2 has many enhancements and mods available to customize your gameplay. The Endaira’s Endless Loop Ring will recover your health at 1.5HP/sec in Remnant 2. But you have to start sprinting for 2 seconds to make it work.

Keep healing consumables with you

One of the most easily accessible ways to heal is to keep consumable healing items like Blood Roots and Bandages. You can get various healing items from Dr. Norah in the 13 Ward. So whenever you embark on a mission, keep some in your bag and use it to restore health in Remnant 2.

If you can find one, then do use Root Water. It is the best consumable due to its larger effective duration. Consuming root water will heal your health at 0.75HP/second for 1 hour.

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