How To Get The Red Doe Staff In Remnant 2

The Red Doe Staff is a powerful melee weapon with healing properties that you can equip as you journey through Remnant 2.

The Red Doe Staff poses brilliant stats and mods, along with a sleek and dreadful design in Remnant 2. This stave is an ideal weapon to yield while wandering through the many worlds in the game.

It is described as a magical weapon that may contain a healing spirit within. That being said, we can all assume the Red Doe Staff provides healing qualities and deals deadly damage to your enemies.

To learn how to craft and unlock this weapon masterpiece, follow this guide.

The Red Doe Staff location in Remnant 2

The Red Doe Staff is a craftable weapon in Remnant 2, but one of its main crafting materials—the Doe’s Antler—has to be first obtained in the mystical world of Yaesha.

Do note that the magical stave is part of the final world boss quest where you go up against the Corrupted Ravager. There are three different outcomes here, only one of which is going to get you the Doe’s Antler for the Red Doe Staff.

Getting the Doe’s Antler in the Ravager’s Lair

When you reach the Ravager in his lair, he is going to give you two choices. You can either kill or save a Doe in the arena.


It is important to know that there are three outcomes from here on. You either kill the Doe, revive it, or engage in fighting with the Corrupted Ravager without saving the Doe. Each path you choose will grant you different items.

To get the Doe’s Antler, you must walk up to it and revive it with your Relic. Doing this will initiate your fight with the Ravager. Kill the boss and you will get the Doe’s Antler as a reward.

What to do with the Doe’s Antler in Remnant 2?

Once you have the Doe’s Antler, head back to Ward 13. Find McCabe, a merchant who sells weapon mods. She has her own workshop near the World Stone.

Speak with her to craft the Red Doe Staff. You are also going to need Lumenite Crystal x7 and Scrap x650. Both materials can be easily obtained by just progressing through the story and looting high-level enemies.

Is the Red Doe Staff good in Remnant 2?

The Red Doe Staff is a powerful melee weapon you can equip as you journey through Remnant 2. Thanks to its wide-range strike and healing spirit, this stave is an ideal weapon to destroy enemies.

This weapon comes equipped with a permanent Weapon Mod called Lifeline. This mod has its own perks. Once you have dealt 250 damage, your next charge attack will unleash the spirit of the Red Doe on your enemies. This move will cause 160 damage to your enemies. On top of that, it also revives 10% health to any ally standing in its path.

The weapon also houses empty slots which can be equipped with mutators. As far as built-in mutators are concerned, this Staff doesn’t have any.

The Red Doe Staff is best used in a Support Healer build. Overall, this Staff is a great weapon to add to your collection and is an excellent choice for up-close encounters.

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