How To Unlock The Medic Archetype In Remnant 2

The Medic archetype is one of the starting classes in Remnant 2. It is designed for support and functions as the backbone of your team.

The Medic archetype is a unique starting class of Remnant 2. This class is ideal to choose if you want to play a support-oriented role with your teammates. You’ll become the backbone of your team thanks to the potent support and healing qualities provided by the Medic.

Besides being used in team play, this class also serves brilliantly as a sub-archetype for solo players in hopes of supplementing their DPS loadout. Other than healing and support properties, the Medic also equips powerful weapons, making it deadly.

The Medic is the master of health recovery in Remnant 2, and as you unlock traits and perks, you’ll be allowing every other archetype to benefit from increased healing.

At the start of the game, you’re given a chance to choose an archetype of your liking. The simplest way to use the Medic is by selecting it from the beginning.

If you didn’t equip the class from the start, there’s nothing to worry about, as you can easily unlock it later in the game for a multiclass build.

How to unlock the Medic archetype in Remnant 2

To unlock the Medic archetype in Remnant 2, you’ll have to craft the Caduceus Idol Engram. In contrast to other archetypes requiring you to travel to different worlds and accomplish missions, getting your hands on the Medic is quite simple.


Everything you’ll need to craft the Caduceus Idol can be found in Ward 13 which is your starting hub. Before you proceed, you must know the requirements to craft the Caduceus Idol Engram.

The following are the items you’ll require to craft the Caduceus Idol in Remnant 2:

  • Lumenite Crystals x10
  • Scrap x1000
  • Medic Pin

Scrap is obtained easily as you journey through the game by defeating enemies and progressing forward. Lumenite Crystals may also be obtained throughout the game by battling the top enemies and bosses.

As for the Medic Pin, you’ll have to get it from a nice lady doctor at the beginning of Ward 13.

The Medic Pin location in Ward 13

Ward 13 is a main hub in Remnant 2 where players interact with NPCs to purchase items. Those items may be new or required for upgrading your weapons. Besides that, Ward 13 is also a place for unlocking many secrets, and you’ll find loads of stuff to do there.

Back to our main goal, we have to find the Medic Pin. We’ll have to visit the doctor in town. Dr. Norah is the Medic of Ward 13, but she also sells valuable items you can use to your advantage. To obtain the Medic Pin, you must locate her at the entrance of Ward 13.

Before you head towards her, make sure you have 1500 scrap to pay her for your purchase. After locating the doctor, walk up to her and check out the items she sells. Find the Medic Pin on the list and purchase it for 1500 scrap.

Once done, grab your Scrap, Lumenite crystals, and Medic Pin and visit Wallace.

What to do with the Medic Pin in Remnant 2?

To unlock the Medic class in Remnant 2, you’ll have to craft the Caduceus Idol Engram. Wallace is the man for the job and will craft this item for you.

To find Wallace, search for a shipwreck at the docks in Ward 13. You’ll see some metal stairs near the site which you must climb. Those stairs will lead you to the town’s craftsman.

Begin interacting with Wallace. You must pay him 1000 scrap and 10 Lumenite crystals to craft the Caduceus Idol Engram. On top of that, you also have to provide him with the Medic Pin. Once all the items have been given, Wallace will craft you the Caduceus Idol Engram.

Now that you’ve crafted the Caduceus Idol Engram, you must equip it. Once equipped, you’ll unlock the doors to the Medic Archetype.

Now you can enjoy all the battle perks this class provides. Thanks to this archetype’s qualities, you can now support your teammates and provide great defense in the best way possible.

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