Best Handler Build In Remnant 2

Got no friends to play Remnant 2 with, so you gotta get yourself this trusty Handler build and never feel alone during your adventures.

There are some instances while playing Remnant 2 where you might feel like having someone would have been better. Addressing exactly that problem is our Handler Build to give you a companion during your Remnant 2 adventures.

The Handler Archetype is one of the best archetypes for solo players. You get all the perks and skills with a deadly but loyal dog for a companion.

With the number of choices for this archetype, it can easily be overwhelming. To help you choose the best bang for your buck, we bring you the best Handler Build.

Remnant 2 Bonded Roughneck Handler Build

Rolling solo requires a certain set of skills and perks. That is why Handler is the obvious choice for our build because of all that it brings to the fight. To perfectly balance the archetype with everything else, let’s have a closer look at this build.

Best Archetype Combo

For this build, we are going with the following combination of Archetypes:

  • Primary Archetype: Handler – Bonded (Prime Perk)
  • Secondary Archetype: Engineer

Handler is going to be the obvious choice for our primary archetype for this build. There are tons of reasons for that. First of all, this build is somewhat targeted toward solo players. With no one to revive them during a battle, the Handler Archetype with Bonded as the main perk can come in clutch.


You will face tons of bosses during your Remnant 2 adventures and a big chunk of them are not as easy to take down as one might think. Even if you are not dealing with bosses, there will be instances where you are surrounded by a group of elites and regular enemies. Just the sheer number can easily overwhelm you and if you are not able to heal on time, there is no coming for you.

With this perk, you have a chance of revival and the second time you can hit back harder while being cautious. Another situation where your Dog can help us in a boss battle or when dealing with a group of enemies. As for other perks, you can mix and match with what you feel the most comfortable with.

Let your buddy enter the battlefield first, diverting the attention from you. While the boss is busy dealing with the dog, you can open fire and deal damage, you otherwise would not have been able to inflict. As for your secondary archetype, you should go with the Engineer. There are a number of reasons for it.

First is that there are tons of Engineer Builds that prove the potency and efficiency of the Archetype. It is probably one of the most versatile archetypes and its combination goes well with most of the archetypes in Remnant 2.

Since we are on the topic of diverting attention, the Engineer comes with turrets you can either carry or place at a spot. They will constantly target the enemy until they run out of ammo. After a cooldown, you can activate them again. You can use the Vulkan as we would not recommend the flamethrower because of its limited range.


Now that we have successfully diverted the enemy’s attention, let’s look at which tools are we going to be using to melt the boss’s health bar.

Long Gun

Nightfall – With Dreadwalker Mod

Hand Gun

MP60-R – With Fargazer Mod

Melee Weapon

Gas Giant – With Dying Breath and Striker Mod

Nightfall is one of the best weapons in Remnant 2 and it is perfect for our Handler Build. The weapon in itself is a shredding machine but once you add the Dreadwalker mod, it is game over for the enemies. If you don’t know, the mod turns the deadly Nightfall into an even deadlier weapon.

You instantly get infinite ammo. There is no cooldown. The rate of fire is also bumped up by 35% with an additional 10% lifesteal bonus. You also become invisible. If this wasn’t enough, the damage it deals, when you hit the weak spot is also insane.

To balance out the dynamic of the build, it is always good to have a secondary with a high rate of fire and decent DPS. For that, the MP60-R with the Fargazer mod is going to cover us.

You can use it clear out a wave of enemies quickly and efficiently. The mod is helpful for inflicting madness status effects on the enemies. This effect is stacked up to a maximum of 10 times and deals 8 damage every second.

The melee weapon choice is pretty flexible. You can bring any to the fight. Although if you bring the Giant Giant, as recommended by us, you can inflict a poisonous effect that lingers over time and deals damage over a specific period.


For this Handler Build in Remant 2, the choice of traits has mostly been left open-ended. You can pick and choose based on your playstyle though there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. Since you are going to be carrying a lot of weight, be sure to have Endurance to help with the stamina.

Secondly, to help with the defenses, Fortify, an Engineer-specific trait will give you an added layer of protection against attacks.


This build is all about keeping you alive so you are going to need some of that health back when you are running low.

There is no better way to replenish your health than using the Dragon Heart. There are going to be tons of relics at your disposal but you should run with this one because you do not need mod power, you need heals.

Consuming one of these bad boys is going to give you an instant 70% health boost. This is going to be enough to keep you running for another segment of the fight.


For this Remnant 2 Handler Build, we have decided to go with the Indignant Fetish Amulet. Not only this reduces the damage taken from the enemies by a whole 10%, but it also gives the damage you deal a 25% boost every time you take any form of damage.

It is a double-sided coin where not only do you take less damage but also deal more at the same. For the rings we have decided to go with the following choices:

  • Encrypted Ring: Gives you a 10% health reg over a 10-second period. It can also be stacked up to three times in a single use.
  • Kinetic Cycle Stone: Using this, you can now trigger mods and skills 20% faster.
  • Stone of Balance: Wear it and you will deal 7% more damage overall with any kind of weapon or skill.
  • Shard Banded Ring: Your mods will now deal more damage, 12% to be exact.


Armor is usually the last line of defense against enemy attacks. Always pick an armor for your build which is reliable enough that you can trust it to take a hit and survive.

As previously mentioned, the focus of the build is keeping you alive all the time so that you can survive the game solo. Although Remnant 2 offers a wide variety of armors, we have picked the trusty Radiant Armor set for this Handler Build.

It is on the heavier side of things so there will be a stamina tradeoff but since it offers excellent protection against all kinds of attacks, except for toxins, the tradeoff is worth it.

As always, these builds serve as a template to get you started. You can always make adjustments to the builds. That way you have a much more personalized experience.

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