How To Enter The Remnant 2 Secret Portal In Ward 13

To find the Secret Portal in Remnant 2, you need to go to Ward 13 in the Labyrinth Zone. The...

To find the Secret Portal in Remnant 2, you need to go to Ward 13 in the Labyrinth Zone. The process to reach the secret portal is quite tough but still worthy enough as you get a Chicago typewriter SMG and Leto Mark 2 Armor set.

Follow this guide carefully and step by step to successfully reach the secret portal in Remnant 2. Moreover, you will also get to know what resources you need and which boss you need to defeat to reach the secret gateway to get the rewards.

Remnant 2: How to enter the secret portal in Ward 13

You need to unlock Ford’s Safe before you make your way to the secret portal in Remnant 2. The gate to the secret portal can only be opened if you have Biome Key in your possession.

Make your way to the marked location of Labyrinth zone to progress toward the secret portal in Remnant 2. Once you reach there, you will encounter the world boss named Labyrinth Sentinel in this zone.

After defeating this boss, you will continue your path to reach the Keeper and a cutscene will be played. You need to obtain the Biome Portal key in order to open the gate which will get after the cutscene.

Once you have acquired the key, go to Fracture Ingress through the Entangled Gauntlet. Its location can be found in a labyrinth on the corner of the map.


Once you reach this area, you will observe stairs on the right side, continue this path and it will take you to the top. Once you are on the top level, go to the right side towards the bridge and continue in this direction which will take you to the portal.

Keep in mind that you do not have to go in this portal, you need to go behind the portal on the edge of the cliff and see downwards where you will be able to observe one more portal. You have to jump down into that portal.

Once you come inside this portal, you will see stairs in front of you and one more portal again which you have to go through to proceed.

As you move inside, on your left-hand side, you will see a path that you have to take. Just above this path, you will see a hole to go through. Once you come outside of this hole, you will see another hole on the right side, jump to reach in there and keep continuing unless you come out of the hole.

In this area, you will reach the stone portal. Interact with the portal (which results in you using the biome key) to open it.

You will enter a room in Ward 13, and you will find a wooden box on the ground on which Chicago typewriter SMG can be seen. Beside this wooden box in the blue container, you will find another wooden box with Leto Mark 2 Armor set.

Chicago typewriter SMG

The Chicago Typewriter SMG is a long gun having 10 damage and 139 damage per second. You can reload the magazine 80 times, each reload has the capacity of 240 bullets. It also does critical hits. The critical hit damage per second can vary from 290 to 300. The gun has 11 RPS.

Leto Mark 2 armor set

This set provides 168 Armor and the weight is 90. This set is a great source of Resistances to fire, bleeding, shock, corrosion, and blight. This is a heavy set and will cost you 75% stamina penalty for your movements.

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