How To Get Decrepit Rune In Remnant 2

Decrepit Rune in Remnant 2 is a key crafting material for a special handgun so let us help you find it

Luminous gem adorned with runic markings enclosed in a hard shell, Decrepit Rune is a crafting material in Remnant 2. This radiant gemstone can be used as a key in The Great Hall as well as a crafting material for the Rune Pistol handgun. Keep reading to learn more about how to get and use Decrepit Rune in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Decrepit Rune location

The aftermath of Dran and Fae worlds merging left Losomn in chaos. When you arrive in Losomn in Remnant 2, you can experience either of the two main storylines depending on the spawn location. If you start in Morrow Parish you will play through The Asylum storyline while starting in Beatific Palace will initiate The One True King storyline.

To get to Decrepit Rune in Remnant 2 you will need Morrow Parish starting area to access the Nightweaver Webs found in The Asylum. Progress through your campaign till you find Forsaken Quarters which contains The Great Hall entrance. If you don’t discover the entrance in Forsaken Quarters, you will need to reroll Losomn world through Adventure Mode.

You will find Ravenous Medallion at the back of The Great Hall Kitchen. Keep the Ravenous Medallion instead of using it to unlock the door at the beginning to trigger The Feast Event. Using the Medallion here will remove it from your inventory and you will have to reroll to get it back again.

Remnant 2 Decrepit Rune

Advance with The Nightweaver storyline till you get Soulkey Tribute from The Shattered Gallery. This Soulkey Tribute will allow you to open the Tormented Asylum by using it at the Nightweaver’s Web. Once you are in the dark world, the Tormented Asylum, you can trade the Ravenous Medallion to this version of the Nightweaver’s Web and get Decrepit Rune

How to use Decrepit Rune

Decrepit Rune can be taken back to the goddess of Fae, Nimue, residing in Nimue’s Retreat. Aside from the part she plays in the main storyline of Losomn, Nimue can craft some secret items. She will use Decrepit Rune to craft Rune Pistol Handgun for you.


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