Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting: All Secret Items Nimue Can Craft

Nimue the goddess in Remnant 2 can actually craft some really unique and secret items for players if you can provide her with the materials...

Nimue is known as the goddess of the Fae and merchant NPC in Remnant 2. She can be found in Nimue’s Retreat within the world of Losomn. Unlike some other merchants, she doesn’t simply sell items in exchange for scrap. You need to bring Nimue some crafting materials in Remnant 2 and in exchange, she will craft a number of items for you.

Nimue has the ability to craft 7 different secret items which include items ranging from amulets to weapons. You need to collect the materials which are required and make your way to Nimue to craft the desired item from 7 different items.

How to get to Nimue

In order to reach Nimue’s Retreat, you need to go from Asylum which is located in Morrow Parish. Once you reach there, you need to make your way to the third floor where you will find an ornate door. Once you interact with the door, you will be able to get into the Nimue’s Retreat.

If you are lucky, you might even encounter Nimue sleeping. This will allow you to capture Nimue’s Dream and get the Crescent Moon bow.

All possible items Nimue can craft in Remnant 2

All of the 7 secret items that Nimue can craft in Remnant 2 are described in detail along with the requirement to craft each item and what each item does. As you explore the worlds of Remnant 2, you are sure to come across these quest items that can be exchanged with Nimue.

One True King Sigil (Amulet)

Requires: Faelin’s Sigil and Faerin’s Sigil


This amulet gives you 20% more Mod damage. It also provides you with 50% increased effect of Faelin’s Sigil and Faerin’s Sigil when you equipped each Sigil.

Nimue’s Ribbon (Amulet)

Requires: Golden Ribbon and Silver Ribbon

This amulet enhances the effectiveness of Relic Healing by 50%. When you activate a Relic, for the next 25 seconds, you also get the Haste buff allowing you to move faster.

Hex Ward (Ring)

Requires: 5x Lumenite Crystal

This ring is useful to counter the effects of Blight status effect.

Rune Pistol (Handgun)

Requires: Decrepit Rune

Gives players a new handgun with a base damage of 15. Rune Pistol comes with the locked mod slot containing Soul Brand mod. The mod applies a Soul Brand to all enemies within 25 meters when used. An enemy marked with the Brand drops Echoes when defeated. These Echoes can heal players for 10% HP.

Assassin’s Dagger (Melee Weapon)

Requires: Assassin’s Dagger

Assassin’s dagger is a melee weapon, having damage of 41. This weapon also gives you a chance to critically hit at a percentage of -3%. The weapon also consists of weak spot damage and the percentage of occurrence is +110%. Additionally, you will get -15% of the Stagger modifier.

The weapon has Bloodthirst mod which enhances your chances to +25% to do damage to the enemies who are bleeding. You can also do +25% damage to enemies if you attack them from behind.

The charge attack you do on enemies will last for the next 10 seconds and it does 200 bleeding during this period.

Tranquil Heart (Relic)

Requires: Tormented Heart

Equipping the Tranquil Heart relic instead of the normal one will grant players with constant healing regeneration at a rate of 2 health per second. If players use the heart, for the next 15 seconds, they will be granted 100% more on all health regeneration effects.

Faerie Needle (Consumable)

Requires: 200 Scrap

Faerie Needle is a consumable item that enhances your Mod power by 10 and the duration of this period is 30 seconds.

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