Remnant 2 Ravager Choices: Kill Or Save The Doe?

When facing the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2, you are going to be given two choices: kill or save the Doe for different rewards.

When facing the Corrupted Ravager, a god among the Yaesha locals, you are going to be given two choices that are going to either kill the beautiful Doe or save it from a gruesome death in Remnant 2.

The Ravager choices here go a bit deeper than just deciding the fate of the Doe. You can do so in more ways than one, and each one has a different outcome with a different set of rewards.

If you do not want to spoil the storyline, do not read any further. If you want to make sure that you are making the right choice against the Corrupted Ravager, keep reading to know whether to kill or save the Doe in Remnant 2.

Should you kill or save the Doe in Remnant 2?

You are given three choices to choose from, one of which involves deciding the fate of the Doe in Remnant 2. It is important to know beforehand the outcome of each choice as it is going to impact the resulting boss fight as well as the fate of Yaesha.

Not only do these choices impact Yaesha itself, but each of them also offers a different set of rewards. That said, a suitable way to make that choice would be to look at them based on the rewards that they offer – and make the choice depending on what you require.

What happens if you kill the Doe?

Killing the Doe would perhaps be the easiest choice to make here. It also has the most rewards.


This is because along with the rewards, you will also gain a few easy achievements. If you kill the Doe while you are in solo mode, you will gain the “Only Human” achievement.

This is because you do not take any sort of damage in this boss fight – since you skip the boss fight with the Ravager later on. The Doe cannot fight back and can be finished off with only a few shots.

Moreover, since you gain an alternate boss reward, you are also granted the “Was this supposed to happen?” achievement.

Furthermore, killing the Doe means that you are sending Yaesha to certain doom. However, this will also cause the Blood Moon to appear. During the Blood Moon, you can see Wisps flying across the Far Woods.

Although they do not attack you, they are considered enemies and drop Blood Moon Essence, which makes for a feasible method to farm it.


You will be rewarded with a trait point and the Ravager’s Mark Amulet which is a great accessory for any Bleed build in Remnant 2.

This is because the Amulet allows you to increase your overall damage dealt to enemies inflicted with bleed. The damage is increased further if the enemies you attack are at half of their maximum HP or lower than that.

What happens if you revive the Doe?

Considering the terrible state of Yaesha because of the wickedness of the Corrupted Ravager, reviving the Doe seems like the most morally viable option.

After using your Relic to save the Doe in Remnant 2, the beautiful creature will heal up and escape, but not before it charges the Ravager with its antlers.

However, even after getting attacked by the Doe, the Ravager does not take any damage. Since the Doe already escapes, you are left to deal with the Ravager alone, at maximum health, and the Ravager boss fight initiates.

After you defeat the Corrupted Ravager, the Doe remains alive, and Yaesha remains hopeful for a promising future.


You are still going to have to put down the Corrupted Ravager after the Doe escapes but having saved it is going to give you the following rewards:

  • 1x Trait Point
  • 5x Lumenite Crystals
  • 750 Scrap
  • 1x Labyrinth Sentinel Shard
  • Doe’s Antler

Among these rewards, the most notable one in this choice’s outcome is Doe’s Antler. This is a unique material you can take to Ava McCabe at Ward 13 to craft the Red Doe Staff.

The Red Doe Staff is a melee weapon that has the Lifeline ability. This allows you to charge the staff and deal a huge load of damage with the following attack after stacking up a certain amount of damage. Moreover, the Staff also heals your allies to a certain extent as you are fighting.

Lastly, you will get to know more about the Doe and the Ravager from Pan.

What happens if you kill the Ravager?

If you decide to target the Ravager directly, you have decided to kill the Doe in Remnant 2 just the same but with a little twist.

An alternate, yet better method would be to directly shoot at the Ravager to get off a little bit of damage right from the start.

Initiating the fight this way would make killing the Ravager the best choice to make in this situation. At some point in the fight, the Ravager eats the Doe, thereby killing it.

However, if you shoot the Doe beforehand to prevent the Ravager from powering up, you may change the rewards offered – discussed next.


After you ignore the Doe and defeat the Ravager directly, you will gain the same rewards mentioned in the former case except for a unique item.

You are going to get your hands on the Crimson Membrane if you let the Ravager eat the Doe. Take it back to Ava McCabe in Ward 13 to craft the Merciless Long Gun.

This comes with the Bloodline ability, which allows you to shoot a projectile of pure energy that tears through anything in front of it.

However, if you choose to shoot the Doe before the Ravager consumes it and then kill the Ravager, you will be rewarded with the Ravager’s Maw instead of the Crimson Membrane.

The Ravager’s Maw is a crafting material required to craft the Feral Judgement Melee weapon – crafted in the same way.

Note that you cannot receive all four rewards in the same playthrough. However, you can try to change other players in Co-op and opt to choose a different option than the one before to receive the other rewards.

Alternatively, you can also create other adventure worlds to start the boss fight a second time and make a different choice.

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