How To Get The Dense Silicon Ring In Remnant 2

If you are falling short of the Mod Power in Remnant 2 then Dense Silicone Ring can help you out by granting the Mod Power after you heal.

The Dense Silicon ring is one of the many powerful accessories you can find in Remnant 2. This ring in particular boosts your Mod Power based on your health pool.

For players running tank builds, the Dense Silicon ring can convert a major portion of your regeneration health into Mod Power. Sounds powerful? Here is how to get your hands on the ring.

The Dense Silicon ring location in Remnant 2

The Dense Silicon Ring is located in the mysterious Labyrinth world of Remnant 2. More specifically, you can find it inside the Entangled Gauntlet area. It is northeast of the Inner Sanctum and north of Fractured Ingress.

If you start from the large red pillar south of the Entangled Gauntlet area, you can see a set of stairs leading upwards on your right.

All you have to do from this pillar here is head up the stairs that lead east. You will find the Dense Silicon Ring sitting on top of a pedestal. This pedestal is in front of a portal, and you can identify it from the purplish glow of the Ring.

Remnant 2 Dense Silicon Ring builds

The Dense Silicone Ring is one of the best Rings allowing users to gain Mod Power equal to 200% of their regenerative health. This means that if you heal 1 HP, you gain 200 Mod Power.


Although the sheer stat of 200% may sound way too much, it sometimes turns out insignificant. This is because you don’t heal much in a single dose anyway.

Most often, a single heal will grant you just over 300 Mod Power because of that 200% percentage, but that amount is less than half of even the Healing Shot Weapon Mod.

Moreover, the Dense Silicone Ring in Remnant 2 only grants this effect when you heal below your maximum health. This means that if you are under a healing effect, say, the Anastasija’s Inspiration, while you are at maximum health, the Ring’s bonus won’t work.

Furthermore, this Ring’s bonus isn’t applied while you are healing with other Rings. Considering this, particular builds work well with the Dense Silicon Ring.

These would include healing-based builds like Support Healer Builds or builds that focus on healing, especially using weapon mods for damage output like the Flamethrower build.

Since this Ring mainly requires you to be below max health, it can prove useless in boss fights at higher difficulties.

As such, if you still want to increase your mod power significantly, an alternate option would be the Rune Heart Relic, the Reprocessed Heart Relic, or the Cataloger’s Jewel Ring.

While the former two are Relics which are entirely different topics altogether, the Cataloger’s Jewel is an excellent alternative. Because it allows for a higher Mod Power regeneration than the Dense Silicon Ring in Remnant 2.

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