What Are Red Attacks In Lies Of P

Red Attacks in Lies of P are unblockable attacks from major enemies that can destroy your health and confidence in an instant.

All the action-adventure games try to level the field of playing by giving enemies some devastating attacks. One such attack in Lies of P is called the Red Attack or Fury Attack. These attacks give the enemies an upper hand against the players and completely turn the tide of the battle. 

In this guide, we will look at what these red-colored attacks are in Lies of P and how you can successfully survive them. Before proceeding any further, we want to tell you that these fury attacks are available to bosses, mini-bosses, and elite enemies only. Regular enemies can’t perform red attacks.

Lies of P Red attacks explained

Once you encounter a boss or a high-level enemy in Lies of P, in addition to their normal moves set they perform a unique attack known as Red Attack. Lies of P acknowledges this red attack as Fury Attack. The enemies glow bright red before the attack hence the common name. 

These fury attacks in Lies of P are generally very fast and the window between the glow and attack animation is very narrow. These attacks can’t be blocked or dodged. Some enemies cover a massive area to deliver the red attacks (jester mini boss in Lorenzini Arcade), and some deliver this attack after a combo (headless puppet). It is a waste of stamina to try and dodge red attacks in the game as it will end up hurting you more. 

The only way to survive the red fury attacks in Lies of P is to use a perfect guard. As soon as the attack is about to connect, press the guard button. This is akin to parry and ends up breaking enemies’ weapons also. However, bosses are impervious to weapon breaks. You can follow up this perfect guard with a stagger and then a Fatal attack.

Getting the timing right for each fury attack in Lies of P is extremely difficult. These attacks vary from enemy to enemy. But once you get a hold of this mechanic, there is nothing more satisfying than punishing an enemy who is trying to destroy you. 


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