Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Recipes List: Best (5 Star, 4 Star, 3 Star, Unlock New)

This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining new recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Cooking is just one of the many features available in Disney Dream Valley. As part of your quest to save the Valley, you’ll have to cook recipes to save the villagers from starvation. This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining new recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How cooking works in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking is one of the mechanics in Disney Dreamlight Valley that you can unlock simply by getting yourself a stove. You can get a stove by following different methods.

Firstly you can purchase a stove from Scrooge McDuck’s Shop, but you will need to repair it first. Once you have repaired the shop, head to its store or catalog and buy the Stove.

Secondly, you can complete the Foodception Quest to get the cooking Stove for free. Other than that, you can also craft a Stove.

If you don’t want to get a Stove by following the methods mentioned above, you can head into the other characters’ kitchens to use the Stove.

Characters like Goofy and Mickey Mouse are available from the beginning of the game and have Stoves in their kitchen. You can head to their homes and use the Stove for cooking.

How to cook meals

Cooking is not a tough job once you have the required ingredients. You need to head to a Stove and interact with it. After that, select the ingredients you want to use in your dish.

You can even check the recipe book in the top left corner to check the ingredients for a recipe you want to cook.

The number of ingredients to cook a recipe will range from one to five. After deciding and selecting the ingredients, click Start Cooking and wait.

The meal will appear in front of you once cooked. You can see its star rating under the name, which gives you information about the energy you will get from it.

Tips and Tricks for cooking in Dreamlight Valley

Check the recipe for the food you have already learned to cook by clicking on the recipe book in the top left corner of the screen.

Eat a good meal regularly, as it will turn your blue energy bar into yellow, and you can move a lot faster.

For cooking, you need ingredients which are some things that you can store in both your inventory and chests inside the house.

So store the ingredients in the chests as well so you have a lot of ingredients to cook different recipes whenever needed.

How to get new recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Food will be required to replenish the villagers’ energy. You’ll probably want to try your hand at cooking once you’ve gathered a variety of different ingredients. However, things aren’t that simple.

There are numerous cooking options available but the recipe is critical because the better the recipe, the more energy it restores. The recipes in Disney Dreamlight are ranked by stars.

The more stars a recipe has, the more energy it regenerates and the higher its sell price. You can also improve your friendship by offering food to Disney characters throughout the Valley.

To get your hands on new and more beneficial recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to cook food under Remy’s scrutiny. Here’s a rundown of the steps needed to pull it off.

Open Chez Remy

The first step to unlocking new recipes is to open Chez Remy. Once you’re over this step, you can proceed to the restaurant and begin cooking recipes. Simply mix and match the ingredients to create a variety of recipes.

Remy will react to any new ingredient you add. He’ll have one of two reactions: a positive reaction or a negative reaction.

A positive reaction indicates a higher star recipe, while a negative reaction indicates a basic recipe. So, the more you cook based on Remy’s positive reactions, the better-quality recipes you’ll get.

Also, keep in mind that, as a general rule, having more ingredients allows you to unlock more recipes.

Complete quests

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll unlock some recipes as a reward for certain quests. Therefore, the more quests you complete the better your chances of obtaining new recipes.

Dig areas

Dig areas that glow in Disney Dreamlight Valley and you’ll almost certainly find a new recipe. Aside from that, new recipes can be found hidden in furniture.

What’s a 3-star meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

3-star meals only require three ingredients to make. These meals provide you with tremendous energy compared to 1-star and 2-star meals, and you can also sell 3-star meals for more gold coins.

Best 3-star recipe

When it comes to the best 3-star recipe, puff appetizers should be your only choice. It will give a greater boost to your energy and this recipe can be used in the starting stages of the game.

The plus side of this recipe is that all the required ingredients are easily available which makes it user-friendly.

You will need Eggs, Cheese and Bell Pepper/Pumpkin/Eggplant as the basic ingredients for puff appetizers. The vegetables can be easily grown and the milk can be bought from Remy.

What’s a 4-star meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

4-star meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley are made using four ingredients. These meals provide excellent profits as they are sold for much more compared to 3-star or lower-rated meals.

Best 4-star recipe

The best 4-star recipe is definitely Veggie Casserole and the plus side is that the cost of this recipe is much less as compared to other recipes.

The ingredients for this recipe are any 2 vegetables, Cheese, and herbs of any kind. The only nuisance is that it requires cheese which is hard to get. You have the option to buy cheese from Remy.

You can also opt for a basil omelet as it is easy to make. It is also cost-effective and the ingredients are Basil, Egg, Cheese, and Milk.

What’s a 5-star meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The best meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley are 5-star. You need to collect 5 ingredients before making these meals, but the struggle is worth the amount of gold you will receive upon selling the 5-star meals.

Additionally, the energy output from these meals is more significant than any other star meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Best 5-star recipe

The best five-star recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley is either Large Seafood Platter or Potato Leek Soup. Both these cost a bit less compared to others.

The ingredients used are easily available and the energy return is the two main factors that lead to choosing these recipes.

The ingredients for the seafood platter require Lemon and 4 shellfish while Potato Leek Soup requires Milk, Onion, Garlic, Potato, and Leek.

Best recipes to sell

This category’s winners are also Anglerfish, Pan-Fried Anglerfish, and Smoked Peanuts.

Although meals usually sell for less than other products, both of these can be purchased for more than 2,000 Star Coins. The only drawback is that you have to be lucky to catch an Anglerfish.

If you require a recipe with less time, then puff appetizer recipes are best suited for you. You can sell some recipes for a decent amount like:

  • Bell Pepper Puff- worth 606 coins
  • Potato Puffs- worth 736 coins
  • Pumpkin Puffs- worth 1400 coins

You can also opt for pumpkin soup but you should grow it yourself by getting pumpkin seeds. The pumpkin soup will be worth around 1500 coins and it only requires milk and pumpkin.

Best recipes for energy

When it comes to energy restoration, fish recipes are superior to all others, and if you have the patience to try catching many anglerfish, the dishes you can make with it are some of the best.

Anglerfish and peanuts are the only ingredients in the 2-star recipe Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfish, which restores approximately 4,000 energy and costs 800 more star coins than selling anglerfish alone.

Both Lobster Roll and Poached Basil Butter Sturgeon are best as they restore 5000 energy per recipe.

The lobster roll uses ingredients such as Wheat, Lemon, Garlic, Lobster and Butter. The Basil Butter Sturgeon requires Basil, Sturgeon, Butter and Lemon.

If you don’t want to opt for fish-related dishes then, you should try either Porridge with Fruit or Basil Omelet.

All recipes list

Here’s a list of recipes available in Disney Dreamlight Valley along with the required items.


  • Arednellian Pickled Herring – Herring, Lemon, Onion, Garlic, Any Herb
  • Bell Pepper Puffs – Bell Pepper, Eggs, Cheese
  • Cheese Platter – Cheese
  • Chili Pepper Puffs – Chilis, Eggs, Cheese
  • Crackers – Any grain
  • Creamy Soup – Milk, Any Vegetable, Potato, Any Herb
  • Crudités – Any vegetable
  • Eggplant Puffs – Eggplant, Eggs, Cheese
  • French Fries – Canola, Potato
  • Gazpacho – Onion, Tomato, Cucumber, Any Herb
  • Green Salad – Any vegetable, Lettuce
  • Grilled Vegetables – Any vegetable
  • Grilled Veggie Platter – 3x Any vegetable
  • Hard–Boiled Eggs – Eggs
  • Large Seafood Platter – 4x Any Seafood, Lemon
  • Marinated Herring – Herring, Onion
  • Okra Soup – Okra
  • Onion Puffs – Onion, Eggs, Cheese
  • Oyster Platter – Oyster, Lemon
  • Pickled Herring – Herring, Lemon, Onion, Herb
  • Potato Leek Soup – Leak, Potato, Milk, Onion &Garlic
  • Potato Puffs – Potato, Eggs, Cheese
  • Pottage – Potato, Any Vegetable, Any Herb
  • Pumpkin Puffs – Pumpkin, Eggs, Cheese
  • Pumpkin Soup – Pumpkin, Ginger, Milk, Any Vegetable
  • Purée – Potato
  • Roasted Asparagus – Asparagus, Canola
  • Salad – Lettuce
  • Sautéed Mushrooms – Mushrooms, Butter
  • Seafood Appetizer – Any Seafood
  • Seafood Platter – 2x Any Seafood
  • Soufflé – Cheese, Milk, Eggs, Butter
  • Tomato Soup – Tomato
  • Vegetable Soup – 2x Any Vegetable
  • Zucchini Puffs – Zucchini, Eggs, Cheese


  • Apple Cider Glazed Salmon – Salmon, Apple, Sugarcane
  • Baked Carp – Carp, Butter
  • Basil Omelet – Basil, Egg, Cheese, Milk
  • Bouillabaisse – Any Seafood (x2), Shrimp, Tomato, Any Vegetable
  • Carp Salad – Carp, Lettuce, Lemon
  • Cheesy Crispy Baked Cod – Cod, Cheese, Wheat
  • Chowder – Any Seafood, Any Vegetable, Milk, Potato
  • Creamy Garlic Scallops – Scallops, Garlic, Lemon, Butter
  • Crispy Baked Cod – Cod, Wheat
  • Fish Creole – Any Fish, Any Vegetable, Garlic, Rice, Tomato
  • Fish ‘n’ Chips – Any Fish, Wheat, Canola, Potato
  • Fish Pasta – Any Fish, Garlic, Wheat, Milk
  • Fish Pie – Any Fish, Wheat, Butter
  • Fish Risotto – Any Fish, Rice, Butter
  • Fish Salad – Any Fish, Lemon, Lettuce
  • Fish Sandwiches – Any Fish, Wheat
  • Fish Soup – Any Fish, Any Vegetable, Milk
  • Fish Steak – Any Fish, Tomato, Basil
  • Fish Tacos – Any Fish, Corn, Chili Pepper, Cheese
  • Fugu Sushi – Fugu, Rice, Seaweed
  • Greek Pizza – Any Herb, Wheat, Cheese, Tomato, Onion
  • Grilled Fish – Any Fish
  • Grilled Fish Entrée – Any Fish, Any Vegetable
  • Gumbo – Okra, Shrimp, Chili Pepper, Tomato, Onion
  • Hearty Salad – Any Vegetable (x2), Lettuce
  • Hors d–Oeuvres – Any Herb
  • Kappa Maki – Seaweed, Cucumber, Rice
  • Kronk’s Spinach Puffs – Spinach, Cheese, Canola
  • Lancetfish Paella – Lancetfish, Shrimp, Any Seafood, Tomato, Rice
  • Leek Soup – Leek
  • Lemon Garlic Swordfish – Swordfish, Lemon, Garlic
  • Lobster Roll – Lobster, Butter, Wheat, Lemon, Garlic,
  • Maguro Sushi – Tuna, Rice, Seaweed, Ginger
  • Maki – Any Fish, Seaweed, Rice
  • Margherita Pizza – Any Herb, Tomato, Cheese, Wheat
  • Mediterranean Salad – Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Any Spice, Lettuce
  • Mushroom Pizza – Mushroom, Wheat, Tomato, Cheese
  • Mushu’s Congee – Rice, Egg, Ginger, Garlic, Mushroom
  • Omelet – Eggs, Cheese, Milk
  • Pan–Fried Angler Fish – Anglerfish, Tomato, Zucchini, Potato
  • Pan–Seared Bass & Vegetables – Bass, Any Vegetable (x2)
  • Pan–Seared Tilapia & Vegetables – Tilapia, Any Vegetable (x2)
  • Pasta – Wheat, Tomato
  • Peanut Butter Sandwich – Peanuts, Wheat
  • Pizza – Tomato, Cheese, Wheat
  • Poached Basil–Butter Sturgeon – White Sturgeon, Basil, Lemon, Butter
  • Porridge – Milk, Wheat
  • Porridge with Fruits – Milk, Wheat, Any Fruit
  • Ranch Salad – Lettuce, Bell Pepper, Corn, Tomato, Onion
  • Ratatouille – Tomato, Eggplant, Zucchini, Onion, Any Herb
  • Sake Maki – Salmon, Rice, Seaweed
  • Sake Sushi – Salmon, Rice
  • Savory Fish – Any Fish, Lemon
  • Scrambled Egg – Egg, Cheese
  • Seafood Pasta – Any Seafood, Wheat, Milk
  • Seafood Pie – Any Seafood, Wheat, Butter
  • Seafood Salad – Any Seafood, Lettuce
  • Seafood Soup – Any Seafood, Any Vegetables (x2)
  • Seared Rainbow Trout – Rainbow Trout, Tomato, Onion
  • Simple Fried Perch – Perch, Butter, Wheat
  • Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfish – Peanuts, Anglerfish
  • Sole Meunière – Sole, Wheat, Butter, Lemon
  • Spaghetti Arrabbiata – Chili Pepper, Tomato, Wheat
  • Spicy Baked Bream – Bream, Chili Peppers, Butter
  • Steamed Fugu – Fugu, Ginger, Garlic
  • Sushi – Rice, Any Fish
  • Sweet & Sour Kingfish Steak – Kingfish, Lemon, Sugarcane
  • Tamagoyaki – Egg, Sugarcane
  • Tasty Salad – Lettuce, Zucchini, Any Vegetable, Any Herb
  • Tasty Veggies – Any Vegetable, Any Herb
  • Tekka Maki – Tuna, Soya, Seaweed, Rice
  • Teriyaki Salmon – Salmon, Soya, Rice, Ginger, Sugarcane
  • Tuna Burger – Tuna, Lemon, Onion, Wheat, Any Vegetable
  • Vegetarian Pizza – Any Vegetable (x2), Tomato, Cheese, Wheat
  • Vegetarian Stew – Onion, Carrot, Tomato
  • Vegetarian Taco – Any Vegetable, Corn, Chili Pepper, Cheese
  • Veggie Casserole – Any Vegetable (x2), Cheese, Any Herb
  • Veggie Pasta – Tomato, Wheat, Any Vegetable
  • Veggie Pie – Any Vegetable, Butter, Wheat
  • Veggie Skewers – Mushroom, Zucchini, Onion, Bell Pepper
  • Walleye en Papillote – Walleye, Basil, Oregano, Any Vegetable


  • “My Hero” Cookie – Wheat, Any Sweet, Butter
  • Apple Pie – Apple, Wheat, Butter
  • Apple Sorbet – Slush Ice, Apple, Sugarcane
  • Aurora’s Cake – Raspberry, Wheat, Sugarcane, Egg, Milk
  • Banana Ice Cream – Slush Ice, Banana, Milk, Sugarcane
  • Banana Pie – Banana, Wheat, Butter
  • Banana Split – Slush Ice, Banana, Milk, Sugarcane, Any Sweet
  • Beignets – Canola, Wheat, Egg, Sugarcane
  • Berry Salad – Raspberry, Blueberry, Gooseberry
  • Birthday Cake – Wheat, Sugarcane, Egg, Butter, Cocoa Bean
  • Biscuits – Wheat, Sugarcane, Butter
  • Blueberry Pie – Blueberry, Wheat, Butter
  • Candy – Any Sweet
  • Caramel Apples – Sugarcane, Apple
  • Carrot Cake – Carrot, Wheat, Egg, Sugarcane
  • Cheesecake – Cheese, Wheat, Sugarcane, Any Fruit
  • Cherry Pie – Cherry, Wheat, Butter
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies – Cocoa Bean, Wheat, Sugarcane, Butter
  • Chocolate Ice Cream – Cocoa Bean, Sugarcane, Slush Ice, Milk
  • Chocolate Waffles – Cocoa Bean, Wheat, Eggs, Milk
  • Coconut Cake – Coconut, Wheat, Egg, Sugarcane
  • Coconut Ice Cream – Coconut, Sugarcane, Slush Ice, Milk
  • Crepe – Wheat, Milk, Egg, Sugarcane
  • Fruit Salad – Any Fruit
  • Fruit Sorbet – Slush Ice, Any Fruit
  • Gray Stuff – Any Dairy, Sugarcane, Cocoa Bean
  • Ice Cream – Slush Ice, Milk, Sugarcane
  • Jam Waffles – Any Fruit, Wheat, Eggs, Milk
  • Lemon Sorbet – Lemon, Slush Ice
  • Meringue Pie – Lemon, Butter, Wheat, Egg
  • Mint Candy – Mint, Sugarcane
  • Mint Chocolate – Mint, Cocoa Bean, Sugarcane, Butter
  • Mint Sorbet – Mint, Slush Ice
  • Pastry Cream and Fruits – Any Fruit (x3), Milk, Sugarcane
  • Pawpsicle – Slush Ice, Sugarcane, Any Fruit
  • Peanut Butter Waffles – Peanuts, Wheat, Eggs, Milk
  • Plain Snow Cones – Any Ice
  • Red Fruit Pie – Any Fruit, Wheat, Eggs
  • Red Fruit Sorbet – Raspberry, Gooseberry, Sugarcane, Slush Ice
  • Shake – Any Dairy
  • Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie – Gooseberry, Wheat, Butter
  • Sour Snow Cones – Slush Ice, Lemon, Sugarcane
  • Sweet Slush – Slush Ice, Any Sweet
  • Tropical Pop – Slush Ice, Coconut, Sugarcane, Any Fruit
  • Vanilla Ice Cream – Slush Ice, Milk, Sugarcane, Vanilla
  • Waffles – Wheat, Milk, Egg, Any Sweet
  • Wedding Cake – Wheat, Butter, Egg, Sugarcane, Vanilla
  • Wonderland Cookies – Butter, Vanilla, Sugarcane, Wheat

How do you get more recipes in Dreamlight Valley?

There are only a few ways to get your hands on new recipes. Try to increase your level with all the characters; you can solve more character quests and unlock new recipes and ingredients.

Exploring is another way to obtain new recipes. Go on and dig to collect hidden treasures, including some excellent meals.

In the end, trial and error is something we all know. Try the combination of new ingredients and create new recipes for yourself in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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