How To Get More Storage In Your House In Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide will help you in increasing storage for your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley to reduce the burden on your inventory.

Being a life-sim, you are bound to eventually end up with so many in Disney Dreamlight Valley that your personal inventory gets filled to the brim. The only way to remedy that is to increase the storage space you have. This guide will help you in increasing storage for your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley to clear out your inventory and store items in your house.

How to increase storage of your house in Dreamlight Valley

The only way to increase the storage capacity of your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to progress through Scrooge McDuck’s questline.

Scrooge is one of the first people you’ll run into; he’s down by the Plaza. He will eventually help you upgrade your house and teach you how to build stuff.

After Merlin gives you your house in the Plaza, you will see that it already comes with a storage capacity of 8 slots. These can be upgraded to increase capacity by completing Scrooge’s quests.

You can proceed to upgrade your house by completing the three missions for Scrooge which are:

  • Making Cents of Things
  • Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-Opening
  • Dreamlight Valley Economy 101

As part of this questline, you will unlock the ability to upgrade your house.


Purchase more house storage

After unlocking the upgrade your house ability, head towards the roadworks sign at the front of your house and interact with it and you will be given a chance by Scrooge to expand your house storage.

The first upgrade costs 2000 Star Coins while the second is a massive 20,000 Coins and third upgrade costs 75,000.

However, for our purpose, only the first upgrade is needed as it unlocks an additional 8 storage slots for your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Craft more storage chests

If you can’t afford a house upgrade to increase storage capacity, you can always craft more chests. Once Scrooge unlocks the crafting station for you, you can use it to craft Storage chests and put them inside your house.

All you need to craft a storage chest are 25x Softwood and 25x Stone. Softwood can be easily found around the Plaza and in Peaceful Meadows lying on the ground or harvested from trees. Stone can be mined from any rocks in the area.

With the chest in your inventory, return to your house, enter Build mode and place the chest wherever you want.

This crafted storage chest has 16 storage slots so it’s already an upgrade over the one that comes with the house. However, it also takes up extra physical space in your house.

For that reason, upgrade your house to the next level as soon as you can afford it. That way you can benefit from the storage that comes with the house itself.

The second and third storage of the house also adds more floors so you can use those floors to put these crafted chests.

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