Disney Dreamlight Valley Veggie Casserole Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers players a relaxing and smooth experience with dynamic gameplay, allowing them to do whatever they want....

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers players a relaxing and smooth experience with dynamic gameplay, allowing them to do whatever they want. One of the fun aspects of this game is cooking.

Though it may seem like a simple task, cooking comes in quite handy generally. Players might either be required to cook something for a quest, to boost their friendship with a particular character, or to just eat it themselves to get a boost in energy and health.

The Veggie Casserole is a four-star dish you can cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Eating it can grant players a total of 821 energy upon consumption, or alternatively, they can sell it to gain 324 Star Coins.

Perhaps it becomes most important to cook a Veggie Casserole during the ‘An Important Night At The Restaurant’ quest given by Remy. But, regardless of that, in this guide we’ll be looking at everything there is to know about cooking a Veggie Casserole in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to make Veggie Casserole in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking a Veggie Casserole in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a fairly simple task. The only real difficulty you’ll face when trying to cook one would be acquiring the ingredients mentioned below.

Once you get your hands on the ingredients required, all you have to do then is to head over to your stove/cooking station and throw the ingredients into the pot.

It might take a few minutes for the dish to be fully prepared though, so a bit of patience is suggested.

Veggie Casserole ingredients

Players who want to cook a decent Veggie Casserole in Disney Dreamlight Valley for whatever reason they may deem fit will require these few ingredients:

  • 1x Cheese
  • 1x of any Spice or Herb
  • 2x of any Vegetables

Cheese is the main standard requirement to cook a Veggie Casserole, but you have loads of options to choose from when it comes to Spices and Vegetables, but you only need a small amount of them.

Cheese can only be bought from Chez Remy’s cooking supply stock. Each unit of cheese will cost you about 180-star coins.

Spices are ingredients that are particularly hard to come by in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as they cannot be grown but instead can only be found randomly across the biomes. Each different biome, however, will contain a different type of spice scattered across its lands

Spice Biome (Location)
Basil Peaceful Meadow
Mint Frosted Heights
Garlic Forest of Valor
Ginger Forgotten Lands
Oregano Plaza

Acquiring Vegetables in Dreamlight Valley will acquire a little bit of work. You’ll first have to buy the respective seeds of the vegetables you want from one of Goofy’s Stalls (for a price). Goofy’s Stalls are located all over the biomes in the game but do remember that some of them might not contain the particular seeds you’re looking for.

Once you buy the seeds that you want, you need to plant them in crop plots, water them, and then wait for them to grow until they’re ready to be harvested.

Veggie Casserole recipe

  • As mentioned above, you have a wide variety of options to choose from and different combinations to put in the pot in order to make a Veggie Casserole. Here are some examples of combinations that you can take to make/cook yourself one.
  • 1x Cheese, 1x Garlic, 1x Bell Pepper, and 1x Onion
  • 1x Cheese, 1x Ginger, 1x Bell Pepper, and 1x Corn
  • 1x Cheese, 1xOregano, and 2x Carrots
  • 1x Cheese, 1x Basil, and 2x Corn

How to improve Veggie Casserole

Though the Veggie Casserole is originally a four-star dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll eventually reach a point where you’ll enter Remy’s Realm. As you progress through it, you’ll eventually come across a quest called An Important Night At The Restaurant.

In this quest, Remy asks you to use one of his recipes and cook an improved Veggie Casserole. This is essentially an ordinary casserole, just with the exception of additional spices and herbs.

To make the improved Casserole, you need 1x Cheese, 1x Spices (Oregano or Basil), and 2x Vegetables (Zucchini and Tomato). Just throw these ingredients in the cooking pot and you’ll end up with an improved Casserole in a few minutes.

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